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A busy weekend – and a wedding dress!

Good morning 🙂 What a weekend….. I think I have grown accustomed to relaxing weekends with ample time to watch Netflix and lay outside in the sun, but the last couple of days have been a complete whirlwind. The weekend seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. It seemed like we didn’t stop once since Saturday morning. Although I think I’m more tired today than I was at the end of the week last Friday, a lot of things got accomplished so at least I feel really good about that!

Friday night was the only time we had a few free hours. After a run outside for me and Chris heading to the gym, we made dinner at home, wrapped up season 7 of Shameless 🙁 🙁 :(, and talked about a few wedding-related things. We also got one of our engagement pictures back which was very exciting….. 🙂

Saturday morning started out with a great hot yoga class with my friend Clare. At least in my opinion, class was way harder than it usually is. I cannot sing enough praises about how much I love the teacher I have been going to. He talks to the students throughout the entire hour, and his classes are the closest I have ever come to actually getting out of the thoughts in my head and being fully in the present moment.

After yoga, Chris and I (he worked out in the gym while we did yoga) grabbed a quick lunch at Panera and headed over to my parents house. He stayed at their house with the dog and laid out by the pool while my parents, sisters, and I went with Chris’s mom to look at wedding dresses for me!

We had appointments at two different places, and I should have known the first place was the winner when this was the first thing we saw when we walked in:

I must admit, my sisters and I are huge Kardashian lovers. Anyway, the vibe was just so chill and fun in there. We had so much fun picking out a ton of different options – surprisingly, we all managed to agree on nearly everything? That NEVER happens in our family. It was a miracle. There was one dress we all just absolutely loved, but still felt like we had to go to the second appointment. We did go, but had a not-so-favorable experience and left ASAP to go back to the first place, try the dress on one more time to be sure, and buy it!

It was a long, tiring day, but overall a really fun and painless process. I am just in love with this dress and cannot wait to show it off!

When we got back home, Chris and I headed home to hit up the grocery store real quick and order some Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (not so proud of that one, but it was just delicious and much needed after barely eating anything all day). We also shared some apple wine that was given to me as a thank you dress from the dress shop. Not something we would usually buy on our own, but really tasty!

I slept like an absolute rock Saturday night. Who knew that trying on dresses all day would just knock you out like that?

Sunday morning began with a really great church service, volunteering with my sweet girls, and heading to Clarkston (the cute little town about 40 minutes north of us where our wedding will be in a few months!) for the afternoon. We were so lucky to get a table outside in the shade at the Union Woodshop for lunch right in the middle of their lunch rush. My aunt met us for lunch and we just sat outside for hours talking, drinking mimosas, and eating barbecue. It was perfect.

After that we headed next door to an adorable little boutique to hopefully find a birthday gift for my mom and just as we were about to give up and leave, we found something great for her! Then Chris and I stopped to visit our friends who live out there and their baby girl for a little while before we headed to our wedding venue for our menu tasting. To be honest, we were not blown away. The food was delicious, but the whole event was just not organized well and honestly left us with more questions than we came with. So that will certainly require a follow up this week.

Chris still hadn’t seen the venue since my mom and I had gone “just to look” and fell in love with it and booked it immediately (we were nervous our date wouldn’t be available if we waited at all), so I was so, so excited for him to see it and hopefully love it is as much as I do. And thankfully he did! It was so fun to walk around for a while and picture everything we have planned to actually take place there.

Since the tasting didn’t take nearly as long as we had anticipated, we had a little time to kill before heading to my parents house for cake to celebrate my mom’s birthday. So we stopped at a local outdoor bar for a few drinks and to talk more about the wedding. Then we headed over for cake and to hang out for a bit. When we got home we were beyond exhausted, but managed to meal prep a bit for today and watch an episode of Bloodline before heading to bed.

So a busy, but productive and fun weekend. There are just a few more big wedding-related things to take care of and then after that, it’s all little, fun stuff. I am really looking forward to a week with not many plans and a really fun concert on Thursday night! And of course (unfortunately) work interspersed throughout that all week, too…

How was your weekend? What did you do? Anything fun to look forward to this upcoming week?

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