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A February Wednesday

When I first started blogging (back in, gosh, maybe in 2012?) I used to love doing "day-in-the-life" style content. At some point I really strayed away from that, - probably due to the rise in popularity of Instagram stories - but it's always something I have had a passion for, so here we go!


There have been maybe three days since March 2020 that my husband has worked out of the house, and this was one of them! There are definite pros to him working from home, but overall he is really antsy to get out of the house and I am excited to get back into a routine with just the kids and me. He headed out around 7:45am and I settled in to have breakfast with Gavin. Then Spencer woke up a little after 8:00, we fed him, did the whole ordeal of getting everyone ready, and packed up the car to head to the aquarium!

We met my grandma and friend/her family there, and it was so fun to do something out of the ordinary. We have kept pretty close to home over Covid and haven't done a whole lot of "new" things, and I am really loving introducing the boys to new experiences and seeing them light up over something they haven't done before. As much as it brings out my anxiety to stray from our comfort zone, we are doing it - slowly, but surely.

After about an hour of strolling around, looking at all the animals, and wandering through the gift shop, the boys found their way over to those mechanical cars you put quarters in to make them go that all malls seem to have and spent another good while playing on those. Eventually I was able to wrangle them up, clean their hands, and get them loaded in the car. Man - it is no joke taking two toddlers somewhere on your own. I was physically wiped on the drive home and was very grateful for quiet kids, thanks to car seat snacks and the Pinkfong Apple Music station.

Once we got home it was another battle to get them both cleaned up, nurse Spencer, and get him down for his nap, but then Gavin and I were able to have a nice little picnic lunch together in the living room and of course, watch an episode of Blippi. Then I was able to settle Gavin in his room for nap/quiet time and come 1:15pm, I found myself with some time to myself! That doesn't happen often, but on the days it does, man do I ever appreciate it. I holed up in my room with my computer to write this post and my iPad to simultaneously watch the new episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and had just about a full hour to myself (!!) before both boys started to wake.

Thankfully the boys woke up from their naps in great moods so we spent some time having snacks and playing and cleaning up the house, until I dropped them off to play with my mom for an hour-ish while I blissfully went to the grocery store alone. Then I picked up the boys, unloaded the groceries, and Chris was home for the day - bringing pizza for dinner! We caught up on our days while eating and then I was able to sneak upstairs to do my nighttime skincare routine and fold the laundry while Chris played with the boys. Then around 7 we started the whole "wrangle the kids for bed" thing. We usually tag-team bedtime and I primarily put Spencer down while Chris does Gavin. Both kids were settled in their beds (that doesn't mean they were asleep though....) by 7:30 and then.....we CRASH.


These days can be long, exhausting, and repetitive, but it's actually really helpful to write out what we did in a day when I feel like we didn't do anything productive whatsoever. What I see above is that I kept two small children alive and happy, took them somewhere fun, had a bit of time for myself to rest, and kept the house in *somewhat* decent shape. This is super indicative of a normal day for us, so I hope to record more of these to be able to look back on!

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