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A Happiness Jar – Week 10

This has been quite the week. To be honest, it didn’t end as good as it had started – but that’s okay. I just really wasn’t feeling very well for the most part, which in turn put me in a bad mood because of how crappy I felt, and then as a result I ate crappy and felt even worse. You know how that goes? It’s not fun, but it happens. So on that note, I’m very happy that the weekend is here and I’ll have some time to regroup, refocus, and reset my mind.

Here are my five favorite things this week:

1. Going for a quick run outside on Monday

I am really hit or miss with running. Some days I absolutely crave it, and other days it sounds like absolute torture. We had gorgeous weather in Michigan on Monday so I took advantage of it and headed out for a few miles after work. When I was training for the Detroit 1/2 Marathon last year and I had to run 3-4 days a week for my training, I just despised it. It felt like such a chore. But when I get to choose when and how far I am going to run, it seems like a total treat. Kind of like when you were a kid and your mom told you that you had to do something and it was a million times worse because it wasn’t your choice.

2. A super fun Tuesday night – going to a barre class with my mom and then grilling pizza at home

Since my mom and I joined the same gym, we’ve been trying out a bunch of different classes together. On Tuesday night she suggested that we go to a barre class. Neither of us were really sure what to expect, as I have taken a bunch of barre classes before and they all tend to be pretty different. And to be honest, barre has never been my favorite. I was up for giving it a shot though! We were both very pleasantly surprised and loved the class! The teacher was super upbeat and very knowledgable on her combination of ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength training. The hour flew by and was broken up into a few different segments that really encouraged you to focus on specific body parts. I will absolutely be going back next week. And even better was the fact that when I got home, Chris had already started grilling individual pizzas for us for dinner. There’s something about putting any food on the grill that just immediately makes it taste better to me. We made a few different kinds and used pesto, pizza sauce, mozzarella, garlic powder, and pepperoni.

3. Dinner out with Chris on Wednesday

After a workout together at the gym, we decided to say screw it to eating healthy at the little restaurant in our gym and went to a nearby brewery instead. And I must say, it was a fantastic choice. He got a delicious sour beer that was made with black tea, lemon, and grapefruit, and I had some of their homemade red wine. To eat, I got a caprese sandwich that was really one of the best I’ve ever had, except for maybe in Italy. We were both very impressed, and it was a nice little way to mix it up in the middle of the week.

4. Lunch with my sister, her boyfriend, and mom on Thursday

One of my sisters is already home from college for the summer, and I am so excited to be able to go out and do things with her again on a regular basis. Especially because she just turned 21 – so fun for her! I met up with her, her boyfriend, and my mom for a long lunch on Thursday afternoon – another great way to mix up the workday and make it go by a little quicker. I so wish that adults got summers off from work like college kids do – she has almost 4.5 months off of school! Just my opinion, but I know that I would be so insanely productive and get everything done that I needed to from September – May if I knew I had a summer vacation from June – August….

5. Slowburn yoga on Thursday during a thunderstorm

You’ve heard me talk about my intense love for this class multiple times, but it was especially amazing on Thursday night, because we were having some huge thunderstorms in Michigan. It’s hard to go to an indoor yoga class when it’s beautiful out sometimes, but on a cold, rainy night, there’s nothing better. The instructor also had some really powerful things to say that resonated really deeply with me. It somehow seems like he always says exactly what I need to hear.

Some people think I’m crazy for saying this, but sometimes I think I prefer rain to beautiful days. There’s something so calming about it to me and it gives me an excuse to stay inside and read or watch my favorite shows.


On Monday, my friend Sarah and I are starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series. It is put on annually by Karena and Katrina and is comprised of eight weeks of following their nutrition plan and set workouts. I’ve kinda sorta done it in the past, but I am determined to actually stick to it this year. The meals are actually delicious, the workouts are fun, and they make the whole thing so simple. You really don’t have to think about a thing. We are planning on going grocery shopping on Sunday to get everything we need to meal prep for the week. It’s pretty obvious, but the more prepared you are, the easier it is to not get frustrated and give up so quickly. If anyone is interested in doing it with me, feel free to reach out – I would love to talk to you about it!

I hope you have a great weekend! Get some major relaxing in – I know that’s what I will be doing (:

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