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A Happiness Jar – Week 12

I am happy happy happy this Friday – because I am not working. 🙂 Chris and I are heading up north for the weekend to chill out, disconnect, and have lots of chips, salsa, and margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. Since I volunteer at church with the kids every weekend, it’s tough for us to get away sometimes, but this week we don’t have the kids program, so it worked out great!

And I must say – for how bad last week was, this one made up for it 1000000%. Work was stressful, but other than that everything was just about perfect. I am so looking forward to getting away this weekend and starting next week off on the right foot, too.

Here are my five favorite things this week:

1. Going to the “slow roll” in Detroit with my friend Clare and our boyfriends

A couple of years ago Clare and I found this awesome bike ride that happens in Detroit every Monday night during the summer months. Thousands of people gather at a different spot in the city each week to ride for about an hour around different parts. You get to see neighborhoods you wouldn’t otherwise and just see the city from a different point of view. It’s so much fun, and we usually try out a new restaurant or bar either before or after we ride.

This week Chris and Joe joined us! They both get way more into it than we do. We’re more in it to talk to each other and sip wine from our water bottles while we leisurely ride 😉 They like to go fast and wear all their bike gear….haha. But regardless, we had a great time and ended up having beautiful weather after a rainy, cold, windy day. And we even saw a rainbow at the end of the ride.

2. Lunch with my friend Erica who is in town for the week (she moved to Florida after college)

Erica and I have been friends since KINDERGARTEN! Isn’t that crazy? 20 years…. We went to the same private school growing up and then ended up going to the same college and being roommates for a few years. After we graduated she moved to Florida for a job, so I’ve only gotten to see her sporadically over the last few years. She visited me at work for lunch on Tuesday and then we did a workout class together on Wednesday. It was so good to see her and catch up with her. Other than my family, she probably knows more about my life than anyone else ever could – just because of how we grew up. I miss her and need to make it to Florida in the near future to go see her!

3. Oatmeal – weird?

I know this is super random, but I sometimes forget about oatmeal and then when I remember it exists again, I get so excited and make it every day for two weeks. That kinda happened this week, probably mainly since it has been freezing again (May in Michigan…..) and I just can’t seem to get warm. My favorite way to make it is with an apple chopped up in it, a big scoop of peanut butter, and a bunch of cinnamon. I’ve been really good about not having coffee most mornings, and oatmeal is another good way to warm me up while I’m sitting at my desk working.

4. Champagne

There’s not much I love more in this world than good, dry champagne, and that was exactly what I came home to from working out yesterday! Chris is so sweet. Definitely looking forward to drinking that this weekend…

5. One-year anniversary

On the same note as above, Chris and I celebrated our one-year anniversary yesterday! I’ll write about what we did on Monday, but it was absolutely perfect. For those of you that don’t know, we were introduced through a mutual friend about 2.5 years ago, went on our first “official” date last year on 5/4/16, and have been dating ever since. So yesterday was a really special day for us. 🙂

Have a great weekend! <3

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