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A Happiness Jar – Week 13

Good morning 🙂 Another fun (but busy) Friday over here that is involving a morning workout with a friend, working from home, lunch with my friend Sarah and her baby, and happy hour with friends before a night out. I am so looking forward to getting to go to my favorite hot yoga class in the morning, too, that I wasn’t able to go to last week since we were up north.

After a long week, I am really thankful to have some quiet moments at the end of it to sit back and think over all the good things that happened. This is a really important habit for me to keep up, and in all honesty, it really helps me to get over the little issues that pop up. I totally have a tendency to focus on the negative sometimes and actively trying to think the opposite way helps so much.

Here are my five happiest things from the week:

1 – My mom

My mom gave me a tough reminder yesterday that I really needed about how what you focus on multiples. The more I put something in my head, the more it stays there. She’s really just been a gem with helping out with wedding stuff so far, and even more so with calming me down and helping me to not be nervous.

2 – Our back porch

There isn’t much I love more in the world than cocktails on a patio. Our back porch has a table and four chairs, two lounge chairs, and the grill. It faces in such a direction that you can see the sunset beautifully every night and since there are no neighbors behind us, it is semi-private. We sat out there for hours on Tuesday night, wedding planning, eating dinner, drinking wine, and talking and it was lovely. There’s just something about being outside after a work day stuck in the office that always gives me a new perspective and makes me feel better.

3 – Books

I have been trying to get back into the habit of reading each morning when I wake up, even before checking my phone or doing just about anything else. It’s nice to ease into the day without thinking about my to-do list or worries – by immersing myself in someone else’s story. I’m not very good at waking up at a set time to an alarm. I do much better when I leave the blinds open a bit each night and wake up more naturally to the sun and read before I start the day or get out of bed. Last week I started a few new books and am trying to see which one I like better and want to continue reading first. Except sometimes I like to have a couple really different ones going at once – one more fun, carefree and easy and the other more serious and insightful.

4 – Freeze pops

Maybe we (in Michigan) are the only ones who call them that, but these things?!

I bought some from the grocery store randomly the other day, half because they were on sale and half because they are a staple in our freezer during the summer months. I totally understand that they are 100% sugar and chemicals and as Chris pointed out, are only 10 calories less than the pure fruit popsicles we typically buy and eat, but they are too good to pass up. We ate way, way too many this week.

5 – A yoga class with Chris

Last night Chris and I went to a slowburn yoga class together. To be honest, I was in a pretty terrible mood before the class started, but felt like a completely different person when we left. I love that we can do things like that together, that are solitary activities that we can both do. If that makes sense at all? It was also really nice to get to use my new yoga mat he bought me last week. My old one was a hand-me-down and probably 6 years old!


Chris and I have a really fun weekend planned. We are going to a baseball game tonight with some of our friends and are having a family dinner tomorrow night. Sunday is going to be filled with Mother’s Day stuff and relaxing. 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?

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