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A Happiness Jar – Week 14

Hello! This was quite a busy week, but a (mostly) fun one, too. My mom and I made a lot of progress on planning the wedding, which certainly puts my mind at ease a bit. The weather has also finally been like summer here – meaning a ton of time sitting on patios drinking wine, aka my favorite activity in the world. Chris and I were also able to spend a lot of time at home, both figuring out details about the wedding and just relaxing together and talking about anything but the wedding. And the cats sure enjoyed having us home a lot, too.

So with all that being said, let’s jump into my five happiest things from the week:

1. A bike ride to the wine bar

Monday was a gorgeous day in Michigan, so after work my friend Clare and I decided to ride our bikes from my house up to a nearby wine bar at an outdoor mall. It’s about a 15 minute ride each way, and we were lucky enough to get the last two open seats at the outdoor bar that looks into the mall and is ideal for people watching. We ordered a bottle of our favorite summer wine, Clean Slate Riesling, and drank it while mainly brainstorming ideas for the wedding. She is such a creative person and is also an amazing baker (she will be doing our desserts) and is so helpful with all this kind of stuff (that I am terrible at). It was such a nice start to the week.

2. Chris making us dinner

My mom and I went to our favorite barre class on Tuesday night, and when I got home Chris had dinner all ready for us. He sautéed some spinach and garlic together and mixed it with pasta and roasted red pepper marinara sauce. He also made some makeshift garlic bread with Ezekiel bread that was delicious. And it was even nicer that we already had everything in the house that was needed to make dinner. We have been doing so much grocery shopping lately and want to try to use up what we have in the house (except for probably buying some fresh fruit and vegetables) for the next couple of weeks instead of just continuing to buy more. It was so nice to come home from my workout and not have to think about dinner one bit. He’s a good one.

3. Shopping around for a wedding venue with my mom

Last week my mom asked me to find a day that I could take off of work for us to go look at a bunch of potential venues for the wedding. I made us four appointments and after a morning workout, headed over to my parents house to pick her up about 9am for a long day.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about it yet, but we fell in love with the very first location we went to! We both agreed that when we stepped in there, it just felt right. It’s quite a different vibe than I was originally envisioning, but in the best way possible. Here’s a tiny little sneak peak of one of the gardens out back.

We left there on a high note and were honestly tempted to just go home and not even see our other options. We talked about it over a quick lunch and decided to go see them anyway, if anything to just confirm our decision that we had made the right choice. And we were right – the other places were beautiful and all had selling points, but our first venue was the winner by a landslide. Plus, like I said before, it just felt right. So after going home and talking to Chris about it, we booked it! 🙂

4. Working outside

My office is in a pretty unconventional space – we actually work in a small building built on a huge property with an old farm house and a barn. It’s really nice in the warm months, because we can open up the doors and even go sit outside on the porch. Since the weather has been gorgeous and the flowers have been blooming, it hasn’t even felt like work some of the days when my co-worker (and friend) and I are the only ones there and just get to casually work and talk outside. It’s really nice and mixes things up and makes the work-week go by way quicker than it does when we are cooped up in one space all day.

5. Our cats

It sounds really lame and like I’ve said before, I swear I’m not a crazy cat lazy, but I really do love our three cats. Not sure how Chris feels about me calling them “our” cats, but he’ll learn to be fine with it 😉 As much as he won’t admit it, he loves them. If I could come back in another life as an animal, it would for sure be a cat. They just get to lay around and get their bellies rubbed and sleep a lot. What’s not to love? And we are lucky that the three of them get along so well and are so cute together. I tried to get a good picture of them all posing together, but that wasn’t about to happen.


I really, really hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you! I really don’t have anything planned except for going to my usual hot yoga class on Saturday morning and a wine stroll with Clare on Saturday afternoon. I am also really looking forward to pulling out all of my summer clothes, starting to think about fun little wedding details, and reading my current book obsession, The One & Only by Emily Giffin. It’s an easy, fun read that still makes you think – my favorite kind of book. I’m also hoping that it rains on Sunday like it’s supposed to right now so we have an excuse to stay inside all day….

What made you the happiest this week?

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