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A Happiness Jar – Week 15

Hello! This is another really good Friday over here. Chris and I are headed to a cute little beach town called Saugatuck on the west-side of Michigan. We rented a little house right on the water and are looking forward to a long weekend full of sleeping in, going to the beach, drinking wine outside, and trying out some cool, new-to-us restaurants. I cannot wait to un-plug and relax for a few days, hopefully in the sunshine.

A lot got accomplished this week in the way of wedding planning, which makes me insanely happy. One of my favorite feelings in the world is when I get to cross things off of my to-do list. But I was also happy to have a lighter work week than usual which meant more time at home, just relaxing and catching up on life.

Overall, here are my top five favorite things from the week:

1. Deciding on and booking our honeymoon!

Although there are so many amazing, unique places to honeymoon, the one thing we knew for sure when starting to plan was that we wanted a relaxing, simple trip that allowed us to completely let go and think about nothing but each other. So after researching a ton of great options, we settled on an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean that takes care of every last detail. We splurged quite a bit on the flights and the room we chose which felt reckless, but is exciting because we know it is for a once in a lifetime trip!

We also decided to work with a travel agent for the process, which has proven to be one of the best wedding-related decisions we have made so far. She has made the whole process just seamless. As much as I love traveling, usually planning a trip stresses me out so much. This time we haven’t really had to do anything, and it is just lovely. We are SO EXCITED to go!

2. The premiere of The Bachelorette

As much as I say every season that I am definitely not going to watch the next one, I always do. I think I like getting together with my girlfriends and drinking wine more than I do actually watching the show. This season is INSANE. It really makes me mad how much the producers feed off of these idiots that they cast on the show simply for ratings alone. Like, what would happen if you actually tried to give Rachel guys that are on her same level? Not unemployed aspiring artists that scream on national television and think they are being funny. Just a thought. Regardless, the show makes me happy. In some weird, twisted way.

3. Having simple lunches meal-prepped

Thanks to a Costco trip by Chris and us chopping up a ton of vegetables on Sunday, we had very easy, delicious lunches prepped for the whole week. Two days we did pita bread, grilled chicken, hummus, and tabbouleh and the other two days we did big vegetable salads with grilled chicken, focaccia croutons, and sharp cheddar cheese. Both were delicious, fairly healthy, and saved us a ton of time at night!

4. Keeping the windows of the house open all week

Not sure if I am the only one in the world who feels this way, but I just love rainy, slightly windy days. We had a lot of those in Michigan this week. In my opinion, those are the perfect days to keep the screen doors open and let the cool breeze blow through the house. I also really, really love sleeping with the windows open and seem to sleep like a rock whenever we do. Something about being able to be outside in the fresh air or have it flow through the house just makes me feel nearly 100% better, no matter what else is going on.

5. Finishing a really great book, The One & Only

I started this book by Emily Giffin a few weeks ago and was trying to get through it slowly, but after a day working from home with a few free hours to read, I ended up finishing it and reading probably 75% of the book in two days. Guys, it was such a good book. If you are looking for an easy read that still really makes you think and challenges your mindset, this is the book for you. Looking at it from a very high-level, it is about a small town in Texas that is obsessed with football and all the interesting, exciting, sad ties between the head football coach, a reporter, and accompanying family members. From reading the synopsis I didn’t think I would love it, but it ended up being one of my favorite books I have ever read. Highly recommend!


I hope that you were able to take some time to find the happy things in this week and if you weren’t, I suggest that you get yourself a good book, some time outdoors, and a delicious drink in your hand this weekend and spend some time just taking care of yourself. It always works for me!

No matter if you are getting away or staying home, I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend filled with a ton of time with family and friends and lots of delicious things to eat and drink. 🙂

What was the happiest thing in your week? What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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