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A Happiness Jar – Week 17

Hi everyone! I am very happy it’s Friday. Like unbelievably ready for the weekend. I don’t have much to say today, so here are my top five favorite things from the past week:

1. Receiving an adorable “thank you” package from our wedding photographer

Like I talked about last week, I just love the photographer we chose for our wedding. When we did our engagement pictures, she made us feel so comfortable and we really had a great time with her. To make her even sweeter, we received a package from her this week! I am a sucker for cool handwriting, so of course I smiled so big when I opened the box up to see this:

The card was so nice and inside the box was a cute little pink notebook for me and a Starbucks gift card for us. Such a nice touch from them and just another confirmation that we totally picked the right company to work with. On the same day I also received a thank you note from the bridal consultant who helped me decide on my dress over the weekend AND new essential oils Chris ordered us from Amazon. I typically never get anything in the mail other than junk and bills, so this was a really special mail day!

2. Candied almonds

When my girlfriends and I got together on Monday night to watch The Bachelorette (this season is something else….), Clare brought over some candied almonds she made that she had literally just taken out of the oven and were still warm. They were so good. We were all raving about how good they were but how mad we were at her for bringing them because we were going to eat them all, and she told us they actually aren’t that bad for you and are only comprised of almonds, egg whites, 1/4 cup of brown sugar for the whole batch (and it made a lot!), and cinnamon. So then we didn’t feel so guilty! I did bring a jar home with me, and Chris and I have been enjoying snacking on them throughout the week.

3. A long, outdoor happy hour with my co-worker

My co-worker (and friend) and I have been trying to find a day after work to go get happy hour together at our favorite wine bar, but our schedules were just not lining up. Finally we realized this past Wednesday would work, and we got the most beautiful day for it. So we got seats at the outdoor bar, ordered a bottle of rosé and a cheese plate, and talked for like, two hours. It was so nice to talk about life and work outside of the office and to just relax on a beautiful afternoon.

4. Catching up with a girlfriend

One of my other friends and I have such a hard time getting together for some reason. Our schedules just don’t mesh, so it ends up being way too long in between the times we see each other. Finally we set a lunch date for yesterday and met at Brio at an outdoor mall near us and sat on the patio eating margherita flatbread and chopped salads for like two hours. We are at pretty similar spots in life right now, so it’s nice to hang out with and talk to someone that is dealing with the same things I am.

5. Zac Brown Band concert

A few months ago Chris got us tickets to go see one of my favorite bands, Zac Brown Band, at an outdoor theater near us! I have been sooooooo excited ever since he told me we were going. I do love country music, but I love how ZBB is more like beach-y country, if that makes sense at all? We got the most gorgeous weather for the concert, too! We packed a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips and salsa, cherries, and prosecco to tailgate with in the parking lot. We had lawn seats (which basically means first come first serve) so we wanted to get there somewhat early to get decent seats and I am super lame and old and brought a book to read while we laid on the blanket and waited for the show to start…..haha. But it was a good choice and the people watching was phenomenal while we waited.

To be expected, the show was wonderful. We really like our sleep, so we left a few minutes early to avoid traffic. It was a great Thursday date night!


This is a much needed relaxing weekend we are about to go into. Purposely, I tried to make as few plans as possible. A few wedding-related things popped up that I couldn’t say no to, but overall I am really looking forward to laying outside at the pool, sleeping in, eating some good, healthy food, and prepping for the upcoming week.

I hope you have a great weekend – see ya Monday 🙂

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