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A Happiness Jar – Week 20

It would be such a literal understatement if I just said I was excited for this weekend – like, I NEED it. This was a week. Ugh. We got into a little car accident on Monday (everyone was fine) that was super annoying and that took up an unnecessary amount of time this week. So that was no fun. And then just a million little wedding details to handle and trying to wrap things up at work before we leave for 9 days….it was nuts. SO, I am very very very happy that Friday is here and that we are heading out of town on Saturday morning.

In the midst of all that nonsense, there was still a handful of things that made me smile throughout the week:

1. FOUR HOURS of The Bachelorette – oh boy!

So to be totally honest, one of the most annoying things about that little car accident on Monday was that I didn’t get to go have my normal Bachelor Monday with my girlfriends. 🙁 I was so disappointed. Instead, Chris and I started watching it at 10pm after we got home from the police station to file a report. Since there was an insane amount of air-time this week (four hours!), we watched it in little segments over a couple days. And although this season is quite boring compared to some prior ones (I always like The Bachelor better anyway because I think lots of girls are always more interesting than lots of guys), I’m still absolutely going to watch it. And I love the fact that Chris secretly loves it, too.

In a super brief recap of my thoughts on this season….. They really gave Rachel a lot of duds to choose from. She is a real catch and the majority of these guys are just fools. The only one I could honestly see her ending up with is Peter. I do love how much she stands up for herself though – a breath of fresh air on this show.

2. A fun barre class with my mom

My mom and I haven’t been going to our favorite barre class every week like we used to, because they switched the time of the class to later in the evening than we prefer. But we both had Tuesday night totally free so we met up for the class. And when we got there we were surprised with a substitute teaching the class which initially worried me, but we both ended up loving her! The class was fun, different, and challenging and totally flew by. I also really love doing things like that with my mom. It’s rare we get to spend time together, just the two of us.

3. Bike riding a lot!

Since I don’t have a car right now (it’s in the shop getting fixed), I’ve been forced to ride my bike to work all week. Not like that is that big of a deal since I work less than a mile from my house, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to start doing for a while now and it seems like I just needed a catalyst to do so. The weather has been gorgeous all week, and I love getting a little extra exercise throughout the day. It also has been waking me up in the mornings and helping me to loosen up after sitting at my desk all day. I love it!

4. A sushi lunch date with my neighbor

I am so lucky to have a sweet sixteen year-old neighbor that not only takes care of our house and cats while we are gone, but that I like hanging out with, too. We rode our bikes to go get sushi one day this week at a cute little family-owned place that is close to our houses and had such a good time sitting at a table outside eating good food and talking. Listening to her talk about her life actually makes me miss high school in a weird sort of way?

5. Starting to watch Desperate Housewives from the beginning

You guys. I LOVED this show when it was on the air. I used to watch it with my parents every single week and never missed an episode. When Chris’s sister told me that she had all the season on DVD and that Chris and I could borrow them, I totally jumped at the opportunity. As you can imagine, Chris was pretty against watching it when I first suggested it, but he has totally come to love it. It is such a good show! Every episode makes me smile and makes me wish I had a life like theirs…. kind of, but not really 😉

I’ve also really enjoyed having a new show to watch while we lay on the couch at night with our respective wine and beer and the cats…. 🙂


Like I said earlier, this weekend is much needed! My dad rented a house for all of us to stay at in a little beach town called Ludington on the other side of Michigan. Before we head out on Saturday morning, we want to get in a good workout and spend a little time picking up/cleaning the house so we come home with as little to do as possible.

And tonight we are going to (hopefully) pick out our wedding bands – ahh!! It’s little things like that that make this whole thing real…..I really can’t believe we are getting married sometimes. And when that realization becomes reality, I get the biggest smile ever across my face. And to celebrate the end of a long week, maybe we will find a cute patio for drinks/dinner later? Hint, hint…. 😉

So what are you doing for the long, holiday weekend? Going anywhere fun? If you are, I hope you have the best time spending the holiday with people you love and getting a break from the monotony of everyday life. I know that I for one am in desperate need of a break from reality. Have an amazing weekend – see ya Monday <3

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