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A Happiness Jar – Week 22

I’m sitting down to write this post on Thursday night and although I’m exhausted and have a lot on my mind, I am so aware of what is good in my life right now. I went to a slowburn yoga class with my mom earlier this evening, just finished a delicious dinner with Chris of roasted tilapia, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, and am currently in my favorite chair by the window drinking a glass of pinot grigio and watching Desperate Housewives. Life is good right now. But my absolute favorite things from this week are:

1. Recipes and ingredients ready at home for the whole week

It was so nice to have all meals planned out at the beginning of the week and to not have to think one bit about being creative and coming up with what we were going to have for dinner when it’s 5:30pm and I am cranky because I’m already hungry. And we tried out quite a few new recipes this week that really mixed it up and made the weeknights fun and different. And like I mentioned before, I feel like we were getting into the habit of eating out way too much, and I really do want going out to feel like a treat – not the norm. Keeping it to one outing this week and one upcoming on the weekend is a step in the right direction in my book.

2. A happy hour/sushi dinner

On Tuesday night I met a girlfriend of mine at Kona Grill (I think it’s a chain?) for some happy hour-priced wine, edamame, and sushi. I’m not usually the biggest fan of chains, but this place has a really cool atmosphere and some fantastic sushi. Their happy hour prices are also crazy cheap, so it’s a great weeknight spot to go to. We sat in the bar area and just talked for hours – it was wonderful to see her and catch up over some really tasty food and drinks.

3. Picking out Chris’s suit for the wedding

Although we went suit shopping on Sunday and found a good option, we just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything better out there before Chris made a really big decision. So we went to a different store on Wednesday evening, and man am I happy that we gave it a second shot.

Immediately, the nicest man came over to help us and after telling him what Chris was thinking, he got to work in pulling a bunch of pieces for him to try on. Long story short and not too much time later, Chris had picked out every single piece of clothing that he will need for the wedding – suit, vest, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, and cuff links. Like legit – EVERYTHING. All in one spot. And it all goes together so well and looks amazing.

Even better is that he got everything for an unreal price. We were both pretty happy about that. And to be honest, it’s hard for me to make a big purchase like that if I don’t like the salesperson. If I like a salesperson (which we both LOVED this guy), I am so much more inclined to listen to their judgment and make a purchase from them. We liked him so much that we are going to get all the groomsmen outfits from him and probably our dad’s, too. It was a successful, fun evening! It’s super impressive to me when someone can make a process like that not stressful or frustrating, but actually enjoyable.

4. Meeting with our wedding planner at the facility with my mom

For how organized and into list making I have been, I’m totally behind on wedding planning. I think the whole thing is just so overwhelming for me that I don’t do anything at all. Thank goodness I have my sweet mom to take the lead on things, even when I don’t necessarily want her to. We would be getting married in a field with no chairs and probably just a ton of rosé while people sit in the grass if it were up to me to handle this (which actually wouldn’t make me mad at all, but that’s not the point).

So we had a meeting scheduled with our wedding planner on Thursday morning and I must say, he eased any sort of worry I had in my mind. It was our first time meeting and he is SO COOL. So spunky and fun and to-the-point and just like, badass. I don’t really know any other way to describe him. He told us a bunch of stuff that the facility manager hadn’t (all good) and helped me to understand that we have way more control and say over things like the menu than I thought we did. Yay!

We also wandered around the grounds again (for the second time), and I loved it even more than I did the first time. So that’s a good sign, haha. It was a great meeting and a fun morning for my mom and I.

5. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I have been a Nordstrom shopper for years, but never had a credit card up until this last week. Chris applied for a card for us while we were suit shopping, and it came at the perfect moment – right in time for the anniversary sale! I still need to pick out almost all of my accessories for the wedding, and we both need some new clothes for other wedding-related events (bridal shower, honeymoon, etc.), so we are planning on spending quite a bit of time at the mall this weekend checking out what they’re offering.

I’m not a big shopper at all, but when it’s an organized, chic store like Nordstrom and you throw good prices on top of it, I’ll definitely make an exception.


Some big stuff is happening this weekend, including:

  1. Lots of Nordstrom shopping

  2. Hopefully picking out bridesmaid dresses

  3. Dinner downtown Detroit


Have the best weekend <3

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