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A Happiness Jar – Week 23

Hi – happy Friday! I really hope you are coming to the blog this morning after a great week, but even more excited for the upcoming weekend. My week was so-so, and I am really looking forward to having a couple of days to reset, recharge, and start next week fresh.

I’ve got a lot making me happy today and am excited to tell you all about it!:

1. A girls night with my bridesmaids

On Monday, my friend Rosaria picked me up from work (since I still didn’t have my car back from our accident at this point) to go to store number one to look at a bridesmaid dress for her that she saw online and liked a lot. The store was super cute, and she loved the dress! We had plans to go to another store with the other girls later, so she decided to wait to order it until she knew she wasn’t going to find something else she liked better.

As we were leaving that store, I got a call from the dealership that my car was ready for pick-up! And it could not have worked out better, because it was right on the way to store number two. Even with that little pit stop, we still made it early to our appointment. Conveniently, there was a Target located right next door, and we were all too happy to browse around for a while. I actually ended up finding a few bathing suits, a cover-up, and some tank tops for our honeymoon!

While we were checking out, we ran into our friend Clare who was also early to the appointment and needed to get a little shopping done. The three of us walked over to meet Melissa at our appointment and were right on time! All the girls grabbed a ton of dresses and honestly looked amazing in almost every single thing they tried on. I have some gorgeous bridesmaids. It was really hard to decide on a favorite for each of them (everyone is choosing their own dress within the color scheme if you didn’t get that already), but eventually we settled on the final few and got them ordered! Rosaria still liked her original dress the best, so she just went back and ordered it the next day.

After shopping we were all pretty starving, so we headed back to my condo where Chris made us a delicious dinner of chicken fajitas, chips and salsa, and margaritas while we watched The Bachelorette. It was such a fun night. 🙂

2. Dinner at our house with my sisters

Tuesday was pizza night at our house! Chris is a master at making pizza on the grill (his secret is putting a ridiculous amount of garlic powder in and on the crust), so after my sisters and I all chose our toppings on our individual crusts he cooked everything up for us. It was a quick and easy dinner, but super tasty. While we ate, we watched that new show called World of Dance. Have you heard of it? It’s super entertaining, and as a former competitive dancer it takes me back to those days! It was really fun to have them over on a weeknight for really no reason at all. Olivia is a good little chef and made us some Reeses fudge bars for dessert – so good. Luckily she portioned them out into little squares. I could have easily eaten half of the tray.

3. Receiving our wedding invitations in the mail 🙂

Little things like receiving our invitations (we ordered from Minted again and were overjoyed with the results!) and sitting on the floor putting stamps on them with Chris make me feel like I could just burst with excitement to marry this man. I also love the fact that they came in a week earlier than scheduled, so we have plenty of time over the weekend to stuff, stamp, and label them before sending them out on Monday.

4. A sweet (and spicy) treat from my cute fiancé

After a couple of rough nights this week, I came home from yoga last night to my two favorite treats from Chris – sour skittles and flaming hot cheetos. Yes, I am aware that makes me sound like I have the taste buds of a 12 year old, but that’s okay. They’re both delicious, and I will never pretend like they aren’t. I’ve already dug into the skittles as I’m writing this and am trying to save the flaming hots for an afternoon snack at work tomorrow afternoon.

5. Actually for once, in a very long time, making it to a morning workout today!

And it wasn’t just any measly workout – I finally made it to a Syphus class! I have never done this as a morning workout before and even though it totally kicked my butt and I left a sweaty mess, it was a great way to start the day and wake me up before work. Even though it’s hard for me to physically get out of bed in the morning, I always have more energy throughout the day when I move first thing after I wake up. It’s somewhat of a necessary catalyst for me to get my day started out on the right foot. I am really trying hard to get back into the habit of working out in the mornings before work at least three days/week, and this was a good start in my opinion.


Chris and I have a really fun weekend coming up! Tonight we have dinner plans at a yummy Italian spot with his whole family. Tomorrow all we have planned during the day is to get in great workouts in the morning (hot yoga for me) and then lay in the sun at the pool all day. At night we have plans to go out for dinner again with some friends of ours. And then on Sunday we have Chris’s family reunion, followed by dinner at my parents house.

I am looking forward to time with our loved ones and hopefully a little break from wedding planning. 🙂

Have a great weekend – see you Monday!

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