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A Happiness Jar – Week 24

Hi. 🙂 I for one am so ready to see Friday. This has been a week. I think that’s the only way I know how to describe it. But I am totally ready to move on from it and to embrace the weekend and a new week ahead!

In the midst of it all, so many things made me happy over the last few days:

1. So much Costco salmon

If you are a Costco shopper and you haven’t tried their pre-made salmon with the little circles of dill/lemon butter on top, you are missing out big time. It is plenty of food for dinner and two days of lunches for us. I know that some people don’t love leftover fish, but I tend to think that almost all food tastes better the next day. I was very happy to have simple, healthy work lunches prepped for a few days this week – salmon, garlic green beans, and quinoa/brown rice mix (also from Costco).

One of Chris and I’s August goals is to save money on our eating out budget (we did terrible in July), and eating every meal in this week got us off to a good start!

2. New books and a new podcast

I stumbled across the Style Your Mind podcast from an email listing I subscribe to by Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. It sounded like something right up my alley, so I downloaded it immediately and have been listening to all of the episodes every chance I get over the last couple of days. Cara Alwill Leyba is the woman behind it all, and she is just inspirational. If you are looking for someone to motivate you to take care of yourself and your life, she is the one.

I had left a few things in our Amazon wish list, and Chris surprised me with ordering two of Cara’s books for me this week – Girl Code and Style Your Mind. I haven’t started reading them yet, but I am determined to make time for it this weekend. I can’t wait. If they are anything like her podcast, I will love them and have trouble not flying through them.

3. Animals

I have always been an animal lover, specifically cats and dogs. We were never really a cat or a dog family growing up. We liked both. A few years ago my parents adopted a rescue dog, and we all immediately fell in love with her. This week I have loved getting to hang out with her a bunch lately and also spending a lot of time at home cuddling my own cats.

Chris and I have been playing around with the idea of adopting a dog of our own in the near future. We both really want to, but we also know how much time it takes to properly raise a puppy. So we just want to be in the right situation where we have that time to give. Hopefully everything aligns soon and we can make it happen!

4. A day of huge thunderstorms

Thursday was the best day thanks to some crazy storms that rolled through all afternoon and evening. There is not much more I love in life than a big thunderstorm while I’m at home all cuddled up, which is exactly what I got on Thursday evening. Chris and I had just gotten home from taking a slowburn yoga class at the gym and right as we had finished making our little-kid dinner of Annie’s organic macaroni and cheese, Costco pizza rolls, and steamed broccoli, it started to absolutely pour. The thunder was so loud that we could barely hear Desperate Housewives, but I wasn’t mad about it one bit. It was wonderful.

5. Working from home

There are some changes going on at work lately that have been allowing me to work from home a little more than usual. I have really been taking advantage of it and have been trying to get into a routine at home that allows me to get everything I need to do done in an effective way so that I still have plenty of time to do some of my personal tasks during the day, too. I am really hoping that within the next couple of weeks I only need to go into the office once a week for a few hours or so and that the rest of the time can be spent at home. Fingers crossed!

I’ve talked about it quite a bit before, but I do not love my job. I do well at it, it’s stable, and it’s flexible, but I am not passionate about it one bit. I have gotten very complacent over the last three years and am trying to figure out the balance of continuing to do my job and keep the stable income, but pursue my own thing on the side. I have also learned so much over the last few years and can really incorporate a lot of that into my own business eventually, so I am trying to keep learning as much as I can for the time being. I am really ready for a change though, so I’m hoping that it becomes evident of my next move when the time is right (hopefully sooner rather than later).


I have a really fun weekend ahead, including my bridal shower tomorrow! My mom hasn’t told me even one little detail about it, and I am so excited to see everything that she and my bridesmaids have been working on for it over the last couple of months. They are the best. I also can’t wait to see all of my closest friends and family in one place together – especially those that are coming in from out of town that I haven’t seen in a while.

Other than the shower, we don’t have too much planned. I am really looking forward to some downtime at home – reading, writing, and preparing for a *hopefully* great week ahead.

Have a fantastic weekend – see you Monday!

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