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A Happiness Jar – Week 25

love Friday’s – especially when I have a fairly simple work day ahead, a dinner date planned with Chris tonight, and barely any set plans for the upcoming weekend. Although I had a ton going on this past week, it was a good kind of busy that has left me feeling somewhat accomplished today. I’ve been in a mood lately where I actually want to get the tasks on my to-do list done instead of just sitting around and thinking about needing to do them, and I’m certainly not going to question it because these moods don’t come around too often!

With that being said, here’s the other things that made me the happiest this past week:

1. A reformer Pilates session with my mom and Clare on Monday

For my mom’s birthday back in June I bought her and I three private partner-sessions for Pilates classes that Clare teaches. In the studio there are a few reformers to use, along with the usual Pilates equipment – mats, balls, chairs, etc. My mom and I had so much fun getting in a good workout, playing around on a new piece of equipment, and hanging out with Clare for an hour on Monday. Even more fun was that we scheduled our first session during my lunch hour, so it was a great way to break up my work day.

I am so happy that my mom and I belong to the same gym and can go to our yoga, barre, and Pilates classes together. It’s something really fun and different to do together. Clare and I actually used to work there together, too!

2. Watching The Bachelorette finale with my girlfriends

For those of you that live under a rock, The Bachelorette finale was on Monday. And it sucked. That’s really all I have to say. In my opinion, it was a total waste of three hours – yes, THREE HOURS. They drug it out right until the very end and then proceeded to leave all (okay, most) of us disappointed with the outcome.

However, I had a great time hanging out with my girlfriends. We made/ordered a bunch of junk food, drank too much champagne, played with a cute puppy, and laughed/told stories over most of the episode. It was a great start to the week!

3. Babysitting my friend’s son on Tuesday

One of my good friends only lives a couple of streets over from Chris and I, and I volunteered to start watching her son once a week or so so that her and her husband can start workout out together again. I hung out with him (he’s almost one!) on Tuesday after work and had so much fun reading books with him and just playing with anything and everything he could get his hands on in the house. I love babies so much and really miss nannying, so I’ll take just about any chance I can get to hang out with a little one.

4. My first wedding dress fitting

To be totally honest, I was really nervous to go for my first fitting. I loved my dress so much on the day I bought it and was kind of scared that I wouldn’t like it as much when I put it on the second time. But thank goodness that I loved it even more than the last time. And the few little changes that the seamstress was able to show me what she was going to alter by putting a thousand pins in the dress made a world of difference in how it fits me. I love the place we went to (a tiny little family-owned shop) and am so excited to go in for my second fitting to see what they did to it!

My mom and sister Olivia came with me, too, and Olivia got her bridesmaid dress fitted at the same time. It looks beyond gorgeous on her and makes her look so grown-up (she is 14)! Little things like that make me so excited to see all of the girls in their dresses together in October. 🙂

5. A lunch date with my sister Olivia

Yesterday afternoon I went and picked Olivia up to go to a new little restaurant by us called Mod Pizza. If you have one of these by you, you should go check it out! I would describe it as like a Subway for pizza. They have a couple of menu options, but mostly it’s a create-your-own kind of restaurant where you just get to decide every little thing that goes on your individual-sized pizza. It was so fun and delicious!

It was also really nice to go out with Olivia just on her own. I have three sisters, so it’s rare to get to spend time with just one of them.


Like I said above, we really don’t have too much going on this weekend, which I am SO excited for! It’s been a while (and it will be a while after this weekend) since we have had that, so we are both really looking forward to a lot of downtime. If the weather is nice, I would like to actually maybe try to go golfing?? Random, but we do it sometimes and always have so much fun! I also want to get a lot of reading in and hopefully some time laying out in the sun, too.

Have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday. 🙂

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