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A Happiness Jar – Week 26

FRIDAY. Finally. This week has been crazy. I have my annual work meeting/party/fundraiser tomorrow, so this last week has just been filled with preparations and arrangements for that. I am looking forward to the actual event, but I am also really looking forward to it being over and getting some peace and quiet starting on Sunday morning. And not having to do this again for another year….. 😉

Like I talked about the other day, I also kind of hit a wall with the whole wedding planning thing and although my attitude has drastically improved since Tuesday, I’m still struggling a bit and am really in need of a few days thinking about something else. I’ve got a super busy weekend ahead (work party, baby shower, and my dad’s birthday party), but I’m ready for the distractions and to focus on people other than myself for a couple of days. And like I said, I’m also really excited for it to all be over haha.

So the things that made me happiest this week are the littlest of things – like I talked about here. But in my opinion, the little things are usually the best things:

1. Making plans to go to Grand Rapids in October

My sister Sara goes to the same college that I went to for my undergrad in Grand Rapids, MI (basically on the other side of the state from where I live now) and made the dance team this year! So earlier this week I worked with my mom and aunt to coordinate a trip at the end of October for all of us to go there together to stay for the weekend and to see a game. We were able to settle on a weekend that worked for all of us, and I am so excited to go back to my school! And on top of that it’s homecoming weekend – even better! It will also be Chris and I’s first trip (other than our honeymoon) as a married couple. That sounds so weird to say…..but in the best way.

2. Reading Girl Code

I LOVE this book. So far I have only read the introduction and the first chapter, but I am obsessed. I am really hoping that this book signifies a turning point for me. I’ve been feeling pretty stuck in my current role lately and am in need of a catalyst to help me turn things around. It’s also been hard for me to remember that my dreams and what I want do matter, and that there is no reason why I need to stay where I am at if I am not happy. Girl Code is a book that is inspirational and relatable and I can tell is going to be one of my new favorites.

I have really enjoyed laying in bed with a cup of tea in the morning and reading a bit of the book to start my way off with a positive tone. I was too used to reaching for my phone first thing and would much rather reach for a book instead.

3. Yoga

The only time in my week where I really allow my brain to shut off and just focus on myself and my breath is during yoga classes. I am so, so thankful for that time. I can walk into a class with my brain running wild and leave feeling like an entirely new person. It’s like magic for me. I completely understand that yoga isn’t for everybody, but it is so helpful to me and I cannot believe that it took me so long in my life to take it seriously.

4. My engagement ring

Okay, so this might not be the littlest thing, but I love my ring from Chris. I have caught myself looking down and staring at it multiple times this week, and I just get a huge rush of emotion every time I see it. It means so much to me that Chris picked it out especially for me and what it signifies. I feel so lucky that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and my ring is just a symbol that reminds me of that throughout the day.

5. Bachelor in Paradise

Although I am embarrassed to admit how happy this show makes me, I am going to talk about it anyway. I do love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but Bachelor in Paradise is where it’s at for me. It tends to be a compilation of my favorite people from each season, and the entertainment it provides is top-notch. I also find myself rooting for some of them to actually find love on the show, even though I know how rare it probably is. And to be completely honest, the show reminds me of how “normal” my own life is and makes me even more thankful for that.

However, I do wish that the producers of the show would allow it to be a little more realistic and less “show-y.” Trust me – plenty of us would watch the show even if there was no editing done. The raw, real stuff is usually the best anyway. I also wish they portrayed a more realistic timeline. Let’s be honest – we all know it tapes over like, 6 weeks, and they make it seem like it takes months. But I still love it and will absolutely continue to watch…probably for forever.


So there you have it! Super simple, but awesome things nonetheless. I hope that you have a much more relaxing weekend than I am about to have, with tons of time with the people you love. And now I’m off to supervise party planning some more…..

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything big going on?

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