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A Happiness Jar – Week 3

This was quite a week. I am writing this on Thursday night and honestly just want to lay on the couch and watch this new show When We Rise, read a little, and go to bed, so I’m going to get right into the five things that made me super happy this week:

1. A really great yoga class on Monday

I’ve really been loving the stretch class that Life Yoga offers, especially the Monday night class. After a typically long and frustrating Monday back to work, it’s a really great way to unwind, let my mind go, and reset my intentions for the rest of the week. I’m such a go-go-go type of person and this class literally forces me to just be silent and still – I absolutely love it and don’t allow myself to do this nearly often enough. We hold the poses for 5 – 10 minutes and while the poses are usually very simple, it’s way harder than it sounds for your muscles to be still in a stretch for that long.

2. Dinner/game night on Tuesday

As I’ve talked about a few times lately, two of my three younger sisters are in college and are both home for spring break now. One of them and her boyfriend came over on Tuesday to eat spicy chicken stir-fry and play Rummikub and Cards Against Humanity with Chris and I. We had so much fun just hanging out and laughing and playing games. Why aren’t games a big thing anymore? I petition that they should be. Oh, and we watched the new episode of New Girl, too. I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough of Schmidt.

3. Spending some time with my neighbor

My sweet, sweet neighbor Alice is awesome. She’s 80 years old, wittier than I am, and has some of the best stories I’ve ever heard. Chris and I spent some time with her on Wednesday night – he her put a bunch of CD’s (AW!) she ordered off of the TV on her computer so they could be on her iPod while her and I looked through magazines and talked. I got so lucky having her for a neighbor. In the summers we sit on the back patio and drink wine and just talk and tell stories for hours.

4. A walk with my mom and the dog

Last night I went to my parents house to have Chinese food with them for dinner, but before my dad got home from work my mom and I had time to take their dog for a walk around the neighborhood. It was freezing, but we bundled up in layers of coats, gloves, and hats. It was so nice to just walk and talk with her after a really stressful day at work and to be outside for a little while. Being outside really does do wonders for my well-being.

5. Sour cherry patches from Cherry Republic

So I am OBSESSED with these candies:

A few months ago I was trying to explain to Chris that I was craving these, but I couldn’t remember what they were called or who made them. While we were in Clarkston in a cute little store full of trinkets on Sunday, I SAW THEM. I almost bought five bags. I really have no idea if you can get them outside of Michigan (because they are made here), but if you ever see them in a store, please do yourself a favor and buy them. I could embarrassingly eat the entire bag in one sitting. I am not a big fan of sweets at all, but these taste so fresh (like real cherries) and have the perfect mixture of sour and sweet. I’m also a big weirdo and am a big fan of sour candies (sour patch kids in particular) when they get a little stale? So whenever I get candy like this I like to just leave the bag open on the counter and try my hardest to wait until they get kind of hard. I swear, try it. So good. Except the bag is definitely already long gone…..


I am really, really in need of this weekend. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week about a couple of kinda big changes I want to make in my life. Although they may not be something that would be a big deal at all to someone else, they are to me. I don’t do great with change, so I really want to make sure I’m making the right decision(s), and I want to use the time this weekend to really think through what I am doing.

I also want to make a Lowe’s/Home Depot trip and get a few things done around the house, workout really good, and spend a lot of time with my sisters before they go back to school.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Tell me the happiest thing about your week and what you are most excited about this weekend!

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