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A Happiness Jar – Week 30

Good morning 🙂

How are you doing today? I had a pretty great week for a multitude of reasons. So I am going into this weekend with a great attitude and feeling very grateful for just about everything and everyone in my life right now. I have found myself smiling randomly all week long and need to remind myself to tone it down when I’m in the grocery store so I don’t look like a creep. I was actually having a really hard time narrowing this week down to just five things. It seems bigger than that? Eventually I figured it out (for now), so with all that being said, here are five of the things that made me happiest this week:

1. HelloFresh meals

My mom got into Hello Fresh a few months ago and gave Chris and I a coupon code for a free week of the service, which we finally redeemed this week! We chose the 2-person meal plan for 3 meals – BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Pork Noodle Soup, and Cheddar Chicken Fajitas. So far we have just made the pulled pork sandwiches (And just a PSA – I don’t really like pork, haha. So I tried a little with my sandwich, and then basically just ate the bread and the toppings. But I know Chris likes it, so I got it in two of our meals this week. And I will just make the soup for myself with everything except the pork.), and they turned out awesome!

First of all, the packaging Hello Fresh uses is awesome. It comes neatly organized in a big (heavy) box.

They give you all of the ingredients that you need to make the dish, and all your have to do is chop up some of the veggies. It is so cool to get the exact portions you need of things that you may not typically buy in the grocery store and don’t need or want a ton of. On the side of the sandwiches, you were to serve a makeshift coleslaw made with cabbage, carrots, and green onions. There were also pickled cucumbers to top them off with.

All in all, it probably took less than a half hour to prep and cook everything. We made some sweet potato fries to go on the side, too. Chris also got all fancy and tried to plate it just like the picture on the recipe card….although this picture makes it look kind of gross, but I promise it wasn’t. On that note, it’s great that you get these nicely printed large recipe cards so we could recreate the meal again in the future if we choose to.

We were really happy to finally try out a meal delivery service and are looking forward to making our other two meals!

2. A Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s morning

Yesterday morning I met my good friend Sarah at Whole Foods for a coffee date with her adorable daughter. We live fairly far apart and aren’t always able to meet up, so it was wonderful to sit and catch up on life together for a while. Afterwards I went next door to Trader Joe’s to get some grocery shopping done (I love Whole Foods, but it’s just so darn expensive). I always forget how much I love that store until I go there. The closest one to our house is about a half hour away, and if it were any closer I would probably be there almost every day. I stuck pretty closely to my list, but made a mental note of about a thousand things (mostly snacks) I want to pick up next time I can make my way out there.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

Ohhhhhh boy. As I mentioned the other day, I started watching Grey’s Anatomy. Not sure if this was the best or worst idea of my life. I am so hooked that it’s not even funny, and I’m barely through the first season. I feel like the characters are my friends and like I am a surgeon, too. By the time I am finished with the series I am sure I will have quit my job to go to med school.

4. Naps

I have been just exhausted this week and luckily have had the flexibility to nap almost every day. I start out with good intentions to read my book on the couch for a while, but I inevitably fall asleep after a few minutes. I’ve had my cuddle buddy with me all week, too. I am convinced that cats sleep like, 20 hours of the day, except at night when they want to run around the house all night and keep us awake.

5. Slowing down

As I mentioned above, I have been so tired this week which really forced me to take a step back. I watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy (duh), read two full books, and took some time to just sit and write. And obviously the naps 😉 Like I talked about in yesterday’s post about workouts, I think I am just in a slower season of life right now and that is completely fine with me. In fact, I really want to take advantage of it while it’s here, because I know it won’t always be that way. It’s crazy to think, but summer will be here before we know it, and summer always tends to be a way busier time of year for me than any other. So for now, this quiet, boring winter is making me pretty darn happy.


Although we don’t have too much on the calendar for this weekend, I know it’s going to be a great one. Tonight we are having my parents and sister Olivia over for dinner and tomorrow we have an appointment to look at buying me a new car. Sunday we’ve got church and a few other random errands, but that’s about it!

Have a great Friday and rest of your weekend – see you Monday 🙂

What is making you happy this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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