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A Happiness Jar – Week 5

Happy Friday! This is a super exciting day for me, because later this afternoon Chris and I are heading off to Houston, Texas to visit some very special people in my life – for the sake of avoiding confusion, we’ll call them my grandparents. Michigan weather is really nasty right now with tons of wind and snow, so the 80 degree sunny days will be very welcomed. Our plan is to explore the city, spend a lot of time by the pool, drink some margaritas, and relax a whole lot. I. Can’t. Wait.

This has been an exciting week for me with a lot of movement towards good things. Like I’ve talked about before, I don’t always do great with change, but I’m trying really hard to remind myself that things can and will change for the better if you just give them room to. On that note, here are the top five things that made me smile this week:

1. Home redesign

I am on this big kick of wanting to re-do my entire house right now. I seriously have a rolling list of all the little things I want to do. Number one on the list is getting organized. Between Chris and I, we have SO MUCH STUFF that we are trying to find a specific place for. Not much makes me happier that organizing. Therefore, my plan for the weekend after we get back from Texas is to take a whole day, not leave the house, and get my house in order – clothes, shoes, trinkets, pictures, kitchen gadgets, literally everything. That thought makes me so excited, because I know that once I do it I will make room to re-design my house. Oh, and the cats love it, too, because they get boxes to sit in for no apparent reason.

2. Shemar Moore coming back to Criminal Minds

I am willing to bet that next to no one cares about this but me, but I don’t even care. It’s obvious how much I love this show solely based on how much I talk about it, but a few of my favorite characters left in recent years and one of them is coming back! It might only be for one episode, but it’s sure better than nothing. If you like crime shows at all, please give Criminal Minds a chance. It isn’t the most popular one out there among competitors, but at least in my opinion it’s the best, because you really get to know the seven main characters and just fall in love with them.

3. Going out to lunch with my mom

I haven’t really talked about her that much, but my mom is insanely wonderful. She is not only a great mom, but I can honestly say that she is a fun friend to hang out with now that I’m older. We went to Panera for lunch on Tuesday and just people watched and ate soup and talked. It was lovely. She always gives me way smarter insight than I can see on my own into any discrepancies I am facing in my life, especially when my dramatic, immature self is trying to handle them the total wrong way.

4. The Bachelor finale

I could have written a whole post on this, but it honestly makes me really mad to talk about, so I’m going to keep it to one paragraph. An oxymoron, right? One of the happiest things in my week also makes me mad? Weird, I know. It makes me happy, because I get to hang out with my friends and eat good snacks and drink pink champagne, but it makes me mad, because the people on this show just act so stupid. I will say this forever, but ABC portrays Nick to be an idiot. He may be a great guy in real life, but The Bachelor franchise really just makes him out to seem like the exact opposite. They led us to believe that he chose Vanessa over Raven (the fun-loving, sweet, sassy, gorgeous, Southern girl), because he was in love with her and her strong-willed personality, rewarding career, sense of self, and killer body. However, it seems to me like he picked her because he felt like he had to? Even though they don’t get along and fight all the time? Like for once why can’t ABC show us the real parts of the show? It is a reality show after all. As mad as it makes me, I’ll sure be watching Rachel’s season in May and my FAVORITE, Paradise this summer. I’m calling it now – Raven and Luke will fall in love and win.

5. And of course, going to Texas today

I cannot wait to check out for a few days. I love my routine here at home, but mixing it up once in a while and going on vacation and forgetting about my responsibilities is very much needed. I always feel a little guilty about leaving my cats, but my sweet neighbor and mom take care of my house and check in on them for me, so I know they’re okay. This trip obviously comes with going to the airport which gets me super pumped as well. One of my favorite activities in life is sitting at an airport bar drinking a glass of wine and people watching. There is no better people watching than at the airport. None. I will stand by that statement until the day I die. My mom also lent me another Shauna Niequist book and after how much I loved Bittersweet by her, I’m sure I will love this one, too. I’m bringing two books on this trip and plan to finish both of them easily between time on the plane and time by the pool. I also really want to work on this blog quite a bit and get a head start on a sponsored post for next week that I’m really excited about.

This picture was from when I went to visit them last year. (:


I hope that you all have a super fun St. Patrick’s Day, a lovely weekend, and get to take some time out for yourself. I’ll be back on Monday to recap my first few days in Texas!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Any fun plans for the weekend?

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