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A Happiness Jar – Week 6

Good morning (: This was a rough week back to work – but isn’t that always the case when you get back from vacation? As nice as it was when the plane landed and my anxiety went away and to unpack, put everything in its’ place, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and just get my life back in order, I really wish I was still in Texas with not a care in the world. As always though, there were many things that made me happy this week – some of them while still on my trip and some of them once we got home:

1. Working out at a different gym than usual in Texas

I love my little workout routine I have at home and how comfortable it is, but it really does make such a big difference to even exercise at a different facility than I am used to. It makes me work a little harder to find the equipment that I want to use and maybe even try out something new along the way. I also just really love working out on vacation, because it gives me a healthy, active start to my day and allows me to enjoy myself without having to feel guilty about it. We also went for a run outside while down there, and I love exploring new neighborhoods and looking at all the cool houses in the process. We were staying not too far from Waco, TX (where Chip and Joanna Gaines film their show Fixer Upper which I love), and I kept getting excited for no reason that I would see them or a house they renovated. Or perhaps bump into Chrissy Teigen or Beyonce, but no such luck.

2. Wearing summer clothes and sandals

Every year I go through this dilemma – in the summer all I want is fall sweaters and boots, and in the winter all I want is shorts and bikinis. Never fails to amaze me, year after year. So after the last five months of cold here in Michigan, I was more than ready for summer weather in Texas. When you’re packing little clothes, it’s totally easily to get by with a carry-on only for a five-day trip. And of course, I way over-packed like always. Chris is so efficient with his packing and in airports, and I am the literal worst. I am a nightmare to travel with and I will fully admit that out loud here on the internet to be recorded forever.

There’s something so relaxing about walking out of the house in the morning with bare feet, no coat, and feeling the sun hitting your shoulders. I love it so much. This picture was not from Texas, but was from a wonderful day with my sister on Macinaw Island on Lake Michigan last summer. Yes, we are dressed almost identical, and no it surprisingly was not on purpose.

3. Trying out a new restaurant with Chris on Wednesday

To celebrate Chris’ dad’s birthday on Wednesday, we went to a nearby old Italian market/bakery turned restaurant called Gaudino’s. It was so cool! It used to just be a place you could go to pick up authentic Italian food, but then it was renovated into a wine bar/fantastic restaurant. I’m still not feeling great this week (allergies, cold, sinus infection – who even knows at this point?) so I just got minestrone soup and a house salad and picked off of everyone’s plates (I am a real treat), but everything I tried was absolutely delicious. And what a cool idea. If people like your carry-out options, probably means they would come and sit at your restaurant, too. I am a huge fan of real Italian food, and this place certainly did not disappoint. It was also nice to get out of the house, when all I really wanted to do was lay in bed and be miserable. So it was a good choice to pull myself together and go!

4. A “slowburn” yoga class

I think I found my new favorite type of yoga class (at least at the studio I go to). I adore hot vinyasa yoga and how it leaves me feeling detoxed, five pounds lighter, and helps me to forget about any worries I had going in because it’s so hard. On the other hand I love yin yoga, because it’s so relaxing and allows me to let go and just be present in the class and the postures I am holding. It also makes me slow down, which is something I desperately need in my life. Last night I tried out a class titled “slowburn” and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but in my opinion it was an exact mixture of my two favorite types of classes. The room was heated to about 80 degrees and involved half of the class slowly going through some medium difficulty-level flows and the next half holding postures for 10-20 breaths or so. I loved the combination of the classes into this one and will definitely be going back.

5. A 70 degree (?!) day in Michigan in March

I know we have had a few of these lately, but they never make me any less happy. I will take 70 degrees in March ANY day. The rest of the weekend is supposed to be pretty warm and rainy, and I am planning on using it to completely reorganize my entire house and relax as much as possible so I can finally get rid of feeling crappy like I have been for the last few days. But tonight I’m planning on taking my little sister to an outdoor mall near us to get some fresh air and do some shopping.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I for one am very looking forward to it, and I will see you back here on Monday <3

Best thing that happened to you this week? Thing you are looking most forward to this weekend?

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