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A Happiness Jar – Week 9

Happy Friday (: I hope a lot of you are in the same position as I am today and are enjoying a day off from work. It was a total surprise to me, too, when my co-worker told me that we had a short work-week. Somehow I also completely forgot that Easter was this weekend. Easter was such a big deal to me as a little kid, coupled with dying eggs and opening baskets. It’s kind of sad once all the kids are grown up and little traditions like that aren’t done anymore. I can’t wait to have my own kids and introduce them to all those fun little things that still to this day help me remember holidays and important events.

Anyway, I am super happy to have the day off today and am looking forward to spending it downtown Detroit with Chris trying out some new restaurants and hopefully seeing my little sisters later tonight that are home from college for the weekend.

This week was pretty chill. It involved a lot of laying low at home, workout classes, and cooking. I was super tired all week for some reason and really just didn’t want to do much. My five favorite things aren’t the most exciting this week, but they still made me smile.

1. A kickboxing class with my co-worker on Monday night

After really liking a regular boxing class I went to a couple of weeks ago, I joined my co-worker on Monday for a kickboxing class downtown Detroit in a really cool area called Eastern Market. The class took place in a tiny little studio that was absolutely packed with all different kinds of people. Most of the class took place almost entirely in the dark, which was so cool. The instructor was so high-energy and just yelled out what to do as we went. It was so fast-paced and sweaty and fun. It totally flew by and I honestly felt amazing the whole time. I wish I lived closer to the studio, and I would probably go all the time.

2. Starting to watch Shameless

My sister has been bugging me forever to start watching Shameless and Chris wanted to start it, too, so we watched the first episode on Monday night and have watched a few more since. You guys. This show is so bad, but I love it so much. Has anybody watched it? It’s originally on Showtime (we watch it on Netflix), and it’s about an alcoholic dad and his six kids and all of the ridiculous things they get into. Most of the time I’m watching it I am thinking that I’m not old enough to be seeing this (like my mom used to tell me when I was an actual child), but I’m also simultaneously laughing. It’s just a mindless, funny show to watch if you’re looking for something new and aren’t turned off by intense vulgarity.

3. A weird “dessert’ concoction I came up with

I’ve talked about this before, but I’m not the biggest dessert fan. I just don’t like sweet things all that much. So when I do want some sort of a “treat” at night, it’s usually something sour I’m craving. So I started to blend up frozen berries with lemon juice and a little coconut water, and it’s SO good. It’s simple, healthy, and usually just what I want at night when I’m on the couch under a blanket watching Scandal.

4. My bed

I feel like this is a super lame thing to love, but I love sleep so much, so it’s kind of a given. I’m obsessed with the fact that it’s been semi-nice in Michigan this week and that I have been able to sleep with the windows open on more than one occasion. I also especially love my bed in the winter, using my comforter that is more like a thick blanket, being kind of cold with the windows open, and being on top of my calendar so I don’t have to get up early every single morning. It makes a world of difference to me (in the best way) when I get to go to bed by like 10pm, have my essential oils, drink some sleepytime tea, and not have to wake up until 7am. I feel like a million bucks the next day.

5. Healthy nutrition choices

This week I decided to cut out alcohol and try to make really good food choices, just because I’ve been feeling a little off lately. I did pretty good and definitely noticed a difference in how I felt and how the bloat in my stomach went totally down. I love making a protein shake in the morning for breakfast using the ingredients pictured below. Also in the picture (but not in the shake!) are some BCAA’s (amino acids) that Chris got for us on Amazon and my lemon detox drink that I have almost every morning (water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and cayenne). I love lemon and put it on as many things as I can. The BCAA’s are great for a stable energy source during my workouts. I am not a fan of eating before I exercise in the morning, but amino acids give me just the boost I need – and they really helped me to get through that kickboxing class on Monday! Making good choices like these makes me proud of myself and even more excited for the weekend when I know I am going to indulge a little more (;


I am looking forward to this weekend so much! Like I said, today is going to consist of a bootcamp-style workout, adventuring around Detroit, and getting to see my sisters. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and then we are hanging out with some friends. Sunday will be filled with church and a ton of family time. And hopefully in-between all of that I will be able to get some work on this website done and start on a couple of fun ideas I have…. (:

Have the best weekend <3

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