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A Hot, Lazy Weekend

It was HOT in Michigan this weekend! Like 95ish all the days. That is way too hot in my opinion – we basically stayed inside or were in the pool. Which was fine by me.

We laid pretty low on Friday night and finished the current season of Bloodline. Did anyone else watch this? And was anyone else as disappointed as we were at the whole thing?

Saturday morning was the usual routine – sleeping in a bit and going to hot yoga. This was a HARD class. I don’t know why it seemed so much more difficult than usual. Maybe because I was pretty sore from the day prior or maybe because I just didn’t have a very good attitude going into the class, but whatever the reason was, I struggled so much throughout the entire hour. I definitely felt better leaving than I did walking into class, but my body just felt like jello the rest of the day (in a good way?).

After showering and eating a quick lunch, Chris and I headed off for two wedding related appointments – one with the bank and one with a potential DJ/videographer company. The bank appointment was quick and painless. The DJ appointment was much longer, but fun and answered just about all of our questions. It was a huge relief for us to like the company and the individual DJ we picked, because music means a lot to us. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we actually technically started “talking” over Spotify messenger! Kinda lame, but kinda awesome 😉 So needless to say, we both really love good music and have a ton of songs that we want incorporated into that day, so having a DJ that is on the same page as us was really important.

We are still on the fence if we want to use a videographer or not for our wedding. For those of you that are married, did you have a videographer? And would you recommend yes or no on using one? I do love the concept of it and think the video would be something we really treasure forever, but I just feel like I might be on edge all day if I know that basically my every move is being recorded. And the last thing I want on my wedding day is to feel nervous and like I need to be putting on a show. It’s something we still have some time to think about and don’t have to decide upon immediately, but I would love to hear some feedback on if you had one at your wedding and what you thought about the whole process.

I know we sound like lame old people (which we kind of are), but we were exhausted after our appointments and were really just wanting to go home and start watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. So after stopping at the grocery store on our way home, that is exactly what we did. For how crappy of a season Bloodline was, OITNB has totally made up for it so far. We got through six episodes so far (embarrassing) and have loved each one more than the last. In between all the Netflix-ing on Saturday night, we managed to pull together a quick dinner of side salads and homemade pizza on the grill which was delicious. Poor Chris had to grill outside in the 95 degree weather – he’s a champion 😉

Sunday also began the same way it always does, with church and volunteering with the kids. It was our last “formal” day of the kids program for the summer, so I won’t be seeing my girls until September! It seems like every year when they come back in September they are whole new people and have grown up so much. However, I have to admit that it will be nice to have a break from my Sunday morning routine for a few months.

After church we headed straight to my parents house to lay out/swim in the pool for the afternoon with my sisters. This was the first day we really got to do that this summer, and we enjoyed it so much. Later in the day, Chris’s family came over for dinner. I was so tired after being out in the sun all day, so we headed home and called it an early night.


I have to be honest and admit that I feel like I did 100% terrible in my goal last week of eating better and really starting to take care of myself again. Waking up this morning, I felt just horrible, and although a lot of that can be attributed to my nasty allergies going on right now, I know a big part of it is due to my food and drink choices over the weekend. This really has nothing to do with a “diet” (I hate that word) and everything to do with feeling good again. I have barely had any energy lately or willpower to do anything outside of what I have to – and I hate feeling that way.

So I really, really mean it this time when I say that I am dedicating this week to health. In church yesterday the pastor asked everyone to focus this week on one question: “Based on my past, current, and future circumstances, is the decision I am making right now the wise thing to do?” I totally understand that he meant this on a much broader level, but I am going to use it this week in regards to the choices I make about food, drinking, and exercise.

This is such a crazy, busy season in my life, and I really want to be able to enjoy it and remember it with happy memories. I feel like if I keep heading down the same path I am on right now, that won’t happen. And that thought makes me very sad. So I am starting this week with a new attitude and giving myself no excuses to not take care of myself this time around.

Do you struggle with making choices that are good for your body and yourself? If so, how do you overcome it? What was the best part of your weekend?

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