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A No-Picture Weekend

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine felt like a million things were crammed into it, but it still flew by in the blink of an eye. I am proud to say that I actually detached from technology pretty well over the last three days, so I really have no pictures to help talk about my weekend. But that’s more than okay with me, because I don’t like feeling pressure to take pictures just to show what a good couple of days I had. It just feels almost fake to me sometimes? If I really want to take a picture of something, I certainly will, but I really don’t want to do it just for the heck of it.

Anyways….we made some serious progress on wedding planning this weekend. And it’s about darn time because it’s less than three weeks away now! I truly attribute a lot of that progress to my new book, WeddiculousThe author, Jamie Lee, brings such a fresh, honest, raw perspective to the entire wedding planning process and had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. I read about half of the book over the weekend, and it brought me such a sense of calamity knowing that I am not the only one feeling a little blah and overwhelmed during my engagement. It has also been really helpful in encouraging me to finally make a couple of decisions that I have been mulling over for way too long now. So if anybody out there is engaged, I would 100% recommend you get this book ASAP, instead of waiting until the month before your wedding like me 😉


Friday was a super busy, but really, really fun day. My day started out with a good workout at the gym, and then I headed right to my second dress fitting! My mom met me there, and I am so happy that she was there because she definitely sees things that I don’t. The first round of alterations went great, but there were still a few more adjustments that needed to be made. So after the seamstress put a thousand pins in my dress and I managed to slip out of it without stabbing myself, I left the dress with them and headed to work for a few hours.

My mom picked me up right from work to head downtown Detroit with Clare and her mom to cash in on a GroupOn we purchased months ago for a tour and champagne brunch at an old historical mansion called The Whitney. The tour was so interesting, the champagne was delicious, and our brunch was even better. It was such a nice few hours spent with our moms!

After that, my mom dropped me off at Chris’s work (also downtown Detroit) so the two of us could head to Clarkston – the town where our wedding will take place. First we stopped at our rehearsal dinner space to check it out, and I am so happy to say that we loved it. Then we went to my aunt and uncle’s house to visit with them for a bit. And then we went to our wedding venue for our final food tasting! I am so, so happy to say that it was everything we wished for and more. It was perfect, and I cannot wait for our guests to eat it in a few weeks.

We also got to see a wedding in progress while we were there! Their ceremony was already over, but seeing it all set up made me so excited for ours so soon. Their reception looked gorgeous and everybody looked like they were having a great time. I am getting so crazy excited! I also feel so much calmer after seeing how well-run their wedding was. It eliminated just about any nerves I had about our day.

We stopped for Italian ice on the way home and still got home by 8pm, so we decided to watch a movie that I have somehow never seen and have really been wanting to – Gone Girl. Oh my goodness. I loved it so much, but the end made me so mad. Like what happened?! Have you seen this movie? I need more answers!


It was so nice to start off Saturday in my “normal” way with sleeping in a bit and going to hot yoga. After taking a few weeks off from the class (due to our California trip), it was definitely a tougher hour, but I felt fantastic when I left.

During the afternoon I had a wedding gift-related errand to take care of for Chris, and when I got home from that I came home to the best fiancé ever who had done all our grocery shopping for the week, vacuumed, and mopped the floors. He is great. I started on cleaning the rest of the house and doing some laundry while he grilled some chicken wings and asparagus for us for dinner.


Sunday got us back into our normal routine, too. We went to the 9am church service, which was just wonderful. Then I volunteered with my girls in our Sunday School program – I missed them so much over the summer!

Straight from church we headed to Detroit for brunch with our friends! One of our favorite brunch spots is Bobcat Bonnie’s. They have delicious food, a fun atmosphere, and super cheap drinks. We sat out on the patio and talked for hours – and I got a grapefruit juice mimosa and some avocado toast. So good.

After brunch we went to my parent’s house to lay out in the pool for the rest of the afternoon – yes, it was 85 degrees in Michigan this weekend. We also had dinner over there and worked on a few wedding things with my mom.


I’ve got another really busy week ahead, with a lot of vendor confirmations and final details to take care of, a few plans with some good friends, and hopefully getting as much as possible done during the week so the weekend can be relaxing. It will definitely be the “calm before the storm,” because the following weekend will be the last one we have before the actual wedding!

Have a fantastic day. 🙂

What did you do this weekend? What book helped you the most (if any) during your wedding planning process?

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