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A Weekend Up North

I’ve got to be honest – it is really hard for me to be back at work today. Like I said a few days ago, it was Chris’s birthday last week and we both took a little time off work to be able to have a long weekend up north together. Mondays are always difficult for me, but especially so when I haven’t been at work in four days. Insane that this week is the start of August though – right?! August is my last long month before plenty of time off in September and October for the wedding.

Anyway, we headed up north to Tawas City, Michigan on Thursday morning, ready for a weekend of sun, good food, good drinks, and a lot of relaxing. And that was pretty much all our weekend consisted of. That and some occasional life and wedding planning. Other that that, we unplugged and just enjoyed checking out from the worth for a while.


Once we got to the cottage and unpacked, we immediately put our bathing suits on to go lay out on the porch for a while. The place is right on a lake, so the breeze from the water immediately makes the hot summer days cooler, giving us some really perfect days to lay out. I’m pretty adamant that I have to be tan for our wedding and with the crazy amount of sunscreen I wear, it takes a lot of days to get any sort of color on my skin.

After that, we got cleaned up and headed into town for dinner at a local bar. We seem to frequent this spot every time we come to town and tend to get the same things, too – hot chicken wings, french fries, and a chicken ranch wrap. Along with a beer. The epitome of health! We are very proud. 😉

Want to guess how the night ended? With Desperate Housewives of course. Along with all the windows open and listening to the waves crash on the shore.


Friday was pretty darn similar to Thursday. We slept in a bit, went for a run outside towards town, and came back to hang around the house for a while before laying out in the sun again. We are wild. Eventually we made our way back into town to wander in and out of stores for a little while and pick up some pizza to bring home for dinner.


We really spiced things up on Saturday and went to the farmer’s market first thing in the morning! And for a tiny little town, their farmer’s market was really hopping and had some amazing selections. We spent all the cash we had in fresh produce for the week ahead and a little treat of some raspberry jam. On our way home from the market, we stopped at the gym to get a workout in before another lazy day.

Instead of laying out at the house, we went to a nearby beach close to town so we could lay out by the water and eat at the little lakeside bar – boom boom shrimp, buffalo chicken, and sugary pina coladas. I would typically never order one of those, but you just kind of feel like you have to when you are at an outside bar on the beach, eating seafood, and listening to a live band play Kenny Chesney-style music.

Before heading home, we had to stop at an amazing ice cream spot for some peanut butter chocolate cones. The rest of the night was our usual – making dinner (spaghetti) at home and watching our favorite show.


Since we wanted to be home in time on Sunday to actually get our lives back together before work today, we left first thing in the morning. There is a huge outlet mall on our way home that my friend (and bridesmaid) Clare met us at so her and I could wander around and do some shopping while Chris did some of his own. And luckily I found a beautiful pair of wedding shoes – exactly what I was looking for!

After a few hours of walking around, the three of us stopped for lunch, had a few cocktails and some food, and finally headed home. There is not much I love more than unpacking and putting everything in its’ place after a trip. So first thing I did that, all the laundry, picked up the house a bit, did a little computer work, and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing before settling in for Game of Thrones!

And I just have to say that I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and these two guys really got me through the day yesterday:

I have been wanting to try that Summer Water Rose from Winc for a while now, and I was so excited when Chris spotted it in the grocery store yesterday! He was kind enough to get it for me, along with my favorite sorbet, and the two things together made for wonderful treats on Sunday evening. We did make a pretty pathetic dinner of leftovers, but I would have been totally content with just rosè and sorbet for dinner 😉


I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead, with a lot of random plans at night (Clare and I are going to start trying out Pure Barre!) and my bridal shower on Saturday. I am really hoping for a quiet week (alone) at work, but not sure if I am going to get that. It will sure be nice if the plans change though!

I felt way better last week with keeping to a regular workout schedule and being intentional with what I put into my body, so (for the most part) I am excited to keep that up this week. Although I know it, it really is amazing how quickly your body can start to feel better when you just give it the care and attention it needs.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

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