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Amidst the Craziness.

This week has been insane. I don’t even really know why either. It just seems like one thing after another has come up and it is never-ending. While I have been trying to get as much done as possible at work before the long weekend, running a bunch of errands that are expected with the holiday season, dealing with family stuff, and trying to keep up on the house, I have also been trying to be very intentional with my time and energy and remembering to slow down in the busyness.

Something my yoga teacher talks about every class is to stop and breathe before reacting. It is so easy to freak out and get overwhelmed, but I have been doing my best to take just a moment to pause before deciding how I am going to react in a potentially tough situation. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s better than nothing in my opinion.

Here are some of the things that have been stressing me out this week while simultaneously helping me to slow down and be grateful for them:

  1. My job. I know I’ve always been kind of vague about my job on here, but that’s mainly because I don’t feel like it is worth talking about. I am an office manager for a small business and basically run all of the back office and day-to-day operations. I highly respect the people I work for, but I’m just not passionate about what I do. However, I know that I am so lucky to have a completely flexible work schedule, to be able to work from home most of the time, to be compensated well, and to be good at what I do so I don’t have to spend more time than necessary on work. So even though it’s not my dream job, right now it is an easy way for me to make money while I attempt to pursue my real passions on the side.

  2. Our wedding video and pictures. You might be thinking, how can this stress you out? Well let me tell you. The second I tell one of my sisters that the files are ready, they tell my other sisters, and my mom, and my friends, and everybody under the sun and before you know it, everybody is calling and texting me asking me to send them the files and print them pictures and put the video on a disc and you get the point. So this week has really been a constant stream of communications surrounding the material, and I really wish I could have just waited until Thanksgiving to show everyone in person haha. But watching the video (you can see our highlight video here!) and looking at all the pictures was so special to Chris and I and helped us to re-live that day all over again, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

  1. Shopping. I am a terrible shopper. About the only kind of shopping I enjoy is grocery shopping, and that is when I go do it at like 7am with the five old women that are there at the same time. I cannot handle clothes shopping, but I do enjoy getting just about anything at Target. So anyway, I had a lot of shopping for random things to do this week. And while I was rushing around, yelling at drivers, and wishing I was at home in my yoga pants, I tried to be thankful that I have the means to buy what I need and to look for joy in my fellow shoppers I ran into at various stores.

  2. Our home. When we got married, something inside of me shifted a little bit, and I immediately felt like I needed to be the caretaker of our home and lives. I basically already did this before, but it just felt different once we were married. I’ve been pretty obsessive the last month about keeping everything clean, cooking new meals for dinner, and handling all of the bills/random tasks. I know Chris is happy to help (and does a TON), but I wish I could do it all myself. When I get caught up in this mindset, I try really hard to be grateful for our home that we love and for my husband who works so hard all day and then still comes home wanting to help me with whatever I need.

  3. Feeling like I will never have everything done. And I know deep down that I won’t, but I just wish for one day I had nothing to do. Like actually nothing. But as a human, I’m sure you know as well as I do that that’s not a thing. When my to do list seems too overwhelming, I work on remembering that I am blessed to have a full life and need to appreciate my job, my family, my friends, and my living circumstances always, because they are not guaranteed forever.

So I hope that throughout this Thanksgiving weekend and upcoming holiday season I can keep this attitude and remember that sometimes when we get stressed about things, it’s because they matter the most and deserve that extra attention. I feel so lucky to be experiencing the holidays with my husband (!!) this year and to get to make our own traditions, even if it just seems like one more thing to add to our to do list 😉

And one more for the road just because I love it and miss this day and this man…….

I hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family and friends and that you get to take some time to reflect on what really matters over this long holiday weekend. 🙂

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