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Ann Arbor + Costco + Netflix

Hello! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? I say with almost 100% honesty that I am actually very happy on this Monday morning, most likely because it’s basically only a 2.5 day work-week, but also because I am super excited for my sisters to be home from college this week for a few days and for the start of Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas shows to begin. That may sound lame to some of you, but I swear – give watching it a try. I look forward to these feel-good episodes all year long. I’m not even one bit ashamed to say that pretty much every single one makes me cry. Chris is going to think I’m a real gem for the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, we had a great weekend. It started out with an email on Friday afternoon from our videographer saying that our wedding video was ready to view! I was not expecting it so quickly, so it came as a total surprise. I promise to share the highlight video on here as soon as I have the finalized link. 🙂 I wanted to watch it right away, but I decided to be a good wife (sigh) and wait to watch it with Chris when he got done with work. I actually ended up picking him up from the office, because we had plans to head to Ann Arbor for the night to visit my sister Jenna and a few of our friends, and his work is already halfway there so it wouldn’t have made sense for him to come all the way home first.

We went right to Jenna’s apartment when we got there and cuddled up in her bed to watch the video! I was nervous I would cry and be a mess for our dinner, but surprisingly I didn’t at all. It was awesome to re-live that day and see a bunch of details that I never even knew existed. I missed way more than I thought I did that day! Our full-length video was almost an hour and a half, so you can imagine how much was included in it. We loved it and already watched it again with my parents last night.

After that we drove the short distance to our friends’ house to bring them dinner and visit with them and their new baby girl. I really wish there was just a professional baby-holding job while moms like, go to the grocery store or something and I could just follow them around holding their baby. Or while they workout. Or do laundry. Whatever. Not necessarily nannying or babysitting  – just holding it. I’m going to invent that, because I cannot be the only person who gets immense joy from holding a baby. We hung out there for a few hours, drove the hour-ish home, and went to bed ASAP.

Saturday was my favorite kind of day. It began with hot yoga (surprise, surprise), and we went to Starbucks and Costco straight from there. Costco was a madhouse, as you can imagine on the weekend before Thanksgiving, but there was such good stuff out that we didn’t even care. I think we went there for three household items, forgot one of them, and came home with a cart full of other stuff. Including these amazing dry-good containers. I am obsessed.

The rest of the day was spent working on our spare bedroom. Aside from touch-ups, the paint is all done, but the flooring was another story at the start of the day. We still had a bunch of crap in there, the floors needed to be cleaned, and the underlay and laminate was still boxed up in the hallway. After maneuvering the couch into the hallway, picking up a bunch of random things, cleaning, and getting the underlay down (probably the worst part), we were ready to start laying down the floor! And by we I mean primarily Chris with small amount of help from me I was able to give. I’ll do a before and after picture when we are done, but here’s the start!

I made us tilapia with lemon garlic butter sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, and roasted broccoli for dinner, we watched some Netflix, and that was it!

Sunday was our typical morning at church, and then Chris had to do a little bit of work in the afternoon. We did a little bit more work on the bedroom, but also spent quite a bit of quality time with Netflix. It was a cold, snowy day in Michigan, and nothing sounded better than curling up on the couch with some tea and a good show. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but Chris has never seen it, so we started watching Lost! Our cats were also extra cuddly yesterday. You get a black and white picture of them, because the flash on their eyes is terrifying.

Later in the afternoon we went to my parent’s house for pizza and to hang with them/watch our wedding video for a while. And of course, we were crazy excited to come home and watch Shameless before bed. 😉


Like I said above, this is a very short week for me work-wise, and I am so looking forward to the extra time to spend with family and just not working as much as usual haha. I love when all my sisters are in town so much. Chris and I don’t have too much planned the rest of the week other than Thanksgiving stuff, which is nice because it gives us plenty of time to hopefully get our spare bedroom finished up and watch some more Lost. 😉 I would love if we had it done in time for one of my sisters to be able to stay with us for the long weekend! Oh – and Chris says we finally get to put the Christmas decorations up on Friday, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Have a fantastic Monday 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

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