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Awesome Everyday Headphones – Specter Wireless

In lieu of my usual Throwback Thursday posts, I’m replacing it with something pretty cool today. A few weeks ago a company called Specter Wireless reached out to me to see if I would be interested in testing out some of their headphones. Now I have always been in the market for some good headphones – right up until Chris got me some Beats for Christmas this year. I love, love, love them for work and traveling (the noise canceling feature is AMAZING), but they’re not my favorite for the gym. I just don’t like something so tight around my ears when I get all hot and sweaty. So when Specter told me they had a couple of different kinds I might like for workout purposes, I was pretty excited.

Now I am a sucker for good product marketing, and Specter did not disappoint. I loved how the headphones came boxed and the black/gold combination of the packaging. I was given two different pairs to test out – the ELUX and the EFITZ.

The EFITZ are my favorite of the two options. They are super lightweight, have very good sound quality, and fit super comfortably and stay put without me having to mess around with them a million times.

I have tried out a lot of headphones like these, and I can honestly say that these are the best ones I’ve discovered. It is still taking some getting used to (in a good way!) to remember that I can very easily answer calls on them without having to touch my phone and that I don’t have to hold my phone the entire time I’m at the gym. It is so nice to be able to leave my phone on the ground and walk away to get weights – I can go pretty far in the gym and the sound doesn’t break up at all. I had a full-on conversation with my mom the other day on them while I was running on the treadmill and when I told her I was talking to her on headphones, she said it sounded even better to her than when I talk to her on my actual phone.

I also brought the headphones down to Texas with me when I just went for vacation and used them for running outside. Even in the crazy hot Texas humidity, they didn’t slide around at all during my run and remained really comfortable. And while they are not 100% noise-canceling, they block out almost all of the surrounding sound that would typically distract me. I love that. Please excuse my pasty white skin in the following photo and the half-laugh I have going on – it was the first day of our trip and I hadn’t gotten any sun yet, and I HATE having people take pictures of me. So this is the end result……

The little ear piece also bends really nicely around my ears for added stability. I am notorious for messing around with headphones and I truly do not have to touch these once – they stay in the same spot that I set them up at when I begin my workout.

The ELUX were really cool, too. First of all, I’m really glad they send me the white/gold combination, because that little gold accent stripe makes me super happy.

Chris LOVED these. I caught him just wandering around the house wearing them, and once he even told me he was listening to music on them while he was vacuuming to test out the noise-canceling and phone answering qualities. And they worked great! He also used them on the plane to/from Houston to watch movies and literally every single time I tried to talk to him, he couldn’t hear me. So good job to Specter, but bad for me on the plane having to bother him to take them off every couple minutes haha. The headphones fit perfectly for me just as they are, but Chris made them a little bigger to fit his head and said they were really comfortable.

I also tried these out at work to see how they compare to my Beats, and I have to say that I think I like them just as much. However, I think Chris is going to be stealing these away from me in the very near future….

Both pairs of headphones have amazing sound quality, a really-long battery life, and are very comfortable. I also love how attractive they are. They aren’t bulky like some other headphones are, and if you’re anything like me and like to at least try to look cute at the gym, these can really add to your outfit, too. For some reason wearing over-the-ear headphones around my neck makes me feel weirdly cool? I know I’m not, but at least it helps me to think that way (;

I really love what this company stands for, too. Their mission statement is: “Our mission for Specter Wireless is to create cost-effective competitive hardware for people of all music types to provide authentic sound for all scenarios, the way the artist had originally intended for it to be consumed.” How cool is that? I totally respect when companies put themselves in the shoes of their target markets and develop a product or service with their consumers’ best interests in mind. Even better if the developers’ interests line up with those of their current and future customers.

Specter has some other really cool products, so you should check them out here, and if you do, let me know what you think! If you are in the market for some new, affordable, great quality headphones, I would highly recommend looking into Specter. The look is great, the feel is great, and the mission behind the product is great. I’m excited to keep using them and to see what they come out with in the future. Good headphones are (hopefully) something that will last a very long time and will be used almost daily, so making a smart investment in the right pair for you is really important.

What is your favorite brand of headphones? Do you always listen to music when you workout?

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