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Bachelor Mondays

Although Mondays are typically tough first thing in the morning, they end up being one of my favorite days thanks to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise. I’ve never done the math, but I’m assuming that 75% of the Mondays of each year are consumed with this show. And I am embarrassed to admit it, but that makes me extremely happy.

I don’t only love it because I get to eat and drink delicious things like this with my best girlfriends,

but because the older I get, the more I can relate with the women on this show. Hear me out…not in all ways, but definitely in a few. Relating specifically to this season, I can really understand what some of these girls are going through:

  1. Vanessa: She is a special education teacher who is crazy passionate about kids. She likes Nick (The Bachelor right now, in case you live under a rock), but she gets frustrated with how he acts around the other girls he is “dating” and how he seems to have a different personality (more mature) with her than with some of the other girls. I can’t even count how many times I have someone in my life who I see as completely different when we are alone than when they are with other people, but you can never really prove it to anybody because it’s impossible to be alone with someone yet with other people (unless you’re a creep and like, video them or something).

  2. Danielle M: I like this Danielle a lot. I feel like I am her. From what I can see of her on the show (and I could be totally wrong), she is pretty shy, but tries really hard to put herself out there, not just in her “relationship” with Nick, but with the other girls, too. For someone like me who really has to try to physically try to befriend other people, I get what this girl is going through. I could not imagine having to live in a house with 25 other women who are all trying to date the same man. I mean, when that is actually said out loud, can you believe that this show is a real thing?

  3. Raven: Raven is a total southern belle. She has the cutest accent I’ve ever heard, loves Jesus, and seems to be loved by everyone, but she is a total badass. She told this story about how she handled the situation when she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, she owns her own boutique, and from her Instagram I can tell that she’s super close with her family. Most of the time I feel like her: a complete mix of a bunch of things that no one can really classify.

  4. Alexis: She’s just hilarious. She does not have one care in the world and doesn’t think twice about wearing a literal shark costume on a first date. She quotes Game of Thrones and is so refreshingly honest. Nobody really takes her seriously because she is the “funny girl” and she acts like it doesn’t really bother her, but she was definitely sad when she got sent home this week.

  1. Rachel: Rachel is a lawyer and a totally career-driven, successful woman. You can tell that her maturity level is far above most of the other girls in the house. She is there to find a relationship, but her main focus is on her job back home. She is kind and fair and considerate and everything you would want in a wife. BUT, still probably won’t cut it for Nick. I hope she realizes that she deserves better than this and is at least my front-runner to be the next Bachelorette.

  2. And don’t hate me, but Corinne: Corinne knows what she wants and goes after that. There’s something to be respected about that. And even though I do not think she goes about doing this in the right way, no one can say she isn’t confident in who she is, what she’s doing, and who she wants. Plus, I think her one-liners are hilarious. Her interview on Ellen had me in tears: “I am an athlete. Well I workout. Well I have a trainer…”

Overall what I am trying to say is that when I was younger and used to watch this show I would think that these girls were getting to live out their fairytale. I thought they got to wear the pretty dresses and drink champagne and have a man magically fall in love with them over the course of eight weeks. Now I realize it is so much more than that. I cannot speak from experience because I’ve never ben on the show, but I’m sure it is an extremely difficult experience that ends in heartbreak or embarrassment for most. It takes a lot for these women (and men) to put themselves out there, and even though some of them go on it for their five minutes of fame, I truly believe that others are there because they think it will finally “work” for them.

I’m not going to sit here and lie and say that if I weren’t in a wonderful relationship I wouldn’t be tempted to go on the show if someone offered me the opportunity – along with the rumored almost instant fame and compensation package – but I would definitely be going into it with no expectations. I think a lot of these women learn the hard way on this show that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and definitely not just what ABC shows on TV.

So for now, I am completely content to continue to watch it with my friends, drink wine, play our little fantasy league, and eat more delicious snacks like this (also, prepared by my boyfriend; he’s too good to me):

Do you watch The Bachelor? Who’s your prediction to win this season?

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