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Back to Reality

As wonderful as it was to have a week off last week, I was actually really happy to come home on Friday and have the weekend to pull my life back together before work today. I think it’s so much more difficult to go into the work week if I didn’t have time to prep for the week ahead.


On Friday morning, Chris and I woke up fairly early and packed up all of our stuff to make the four hour drive home from Ludington. Sometimes I am terrible in the car and want to stop every half hour to do something, but other times (like this one) I just want to drive straight through and get it over with as quickly as possible. I really hate being in the car. So we made pretty good time getting home, and it felt SO GOOD to get all of our stuff out of the car, unpacked, and get the laundry started. I don’t care how lame it sounds – not many things in life get me as hype as putting things in the places they go after getting home from a vacation.

After getting the house in order, we headed to the gym for a good workout (I did legs and have been soooooo sore ever since) and then over to Costco for some groceries and an Italian market/grocery store to pick up some pre-made food for dinner. It also felt so good to have food in the fridge, since when we got home it was basically pickles, eggs, and condiments. We ate dinner while catching up on a few episodes of Desperate Housewives and headed to bed early. It felt absolutely amazing to sleep in my own bed again after a week away.


I was beyond excited to go to hot yoga on Saturday morning. After a week of eating way differently than I normally do and drinking more than usual, I was ready to sweat all that crap out and give myself a fresh start. The class was wonderful and not only worked out my body and had me literally dripping sweat, but it helped to clear out my mind a lot, too. When we got home from the gym it was gorgeous outside, so we spent a couple hours extending our vacation out even more and laid out on our lounge chairs on the patio in the sun with some books for a few hours.

Then we decided it was time to be actual adults and headed inside to clean the house, pick up a few more random items from the grocery store, and meal prep as much as possible for the next couple of days. I also got to work making a zucchini lasagna for dinner, which was actually really simple to make and tasted delicious. It was essentially just the sauce (crushed tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, salt, and pepper), very thinly sliced, grilled zucchini, a cheese mixture (ricotta, parmesan, and an egg), and some mozzarella layered up a bunch of times. I would absolutely make this recipe again – it’s pretty healthy, too!

After dinner I headed out to meet up with my friend Hannah at a new to us coffee shop that’s right in the middle of where we both live. It was absolutely dead in there, had great coffee, and a cute little outdoor seating area. Just what we were looking for! We sat there and drank way too much coffee for 7pm and talked for hours. It was such a nice, different way to spend a Saturday evening.


I was absolutely amazed at how much was accomplished on Sunday morning. We went to the early (8:45) church service, to my parents house to drop off/pick up some stuff, and then right to the gym for a quick (45 minute), but effective arms/abs workout. And we were back home before noon! That never happens.

After showering and having some zucchini lasagna leftovers for lunch, I went next door to show my neighbor Alice our engagement pictures and ended up talking with her for a while. Then Chris’s dad came over and the three of us headed to an outdoor mall near us to go suit shopping for the wedding! We actually were very lucky and found one that Chris loved at the first place we went to, and he is going to take the week to be sure it’s what he wants and if it is, we will go back and buy it on Friday!

Once that was taken care of we wandered around the mall for awhile, stopped at my favorite wine bar for a glass of wine, and then headed to another one of my favorites, J. Baldwin’s, for dinner. They both got burgers, and I got a thai chicken BBQ chicken flatbread that was fantastic.

After that I went to my friend Katie’s house to have a little more wine and talk for a while. When I got home I had a little time before bed to work on writing this post and had a little buddy helping me out with it for most of the time I had my computer out.


Although this week won’t be nearly as fun as last week, I’m weirdly looking forward to being back at work and getting back into my routine. I’m sure I’ll change my mind on that by Wednesday, but we’ll keep with the positive thoughts for now 😉

How was your weekend? What did you do?

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