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Bad Food & House Projects

Hey! I decided to forego the gym on this freezing cold Monday morning and lay in bed with my cats and a big mug of tea and write this blog post, and I must say that it was a fantastic choice. After basically being summer until the middle of October this year, Michigan definitely got the memo over the weekend that it is time for winter. I do love the cold weather, and especially the snow, but like I said the other day, it still always comes as a bit of a shock each year. And as I’m sure many of you can understand, cold weather makes me want to do nothing but stay home. All (okay, maybe 75%) of the time. So that’s just about all we did this weekend, only leaving the house when necessary. Originally we had planned to go up north this past weekend, but after deciding that we really wanted to get some work done on one of our bedrooms we are redoing, chose to stay home. So we had no plans really, which was so nice to have uninterrupted time together to get some work done and just hang out.


Friday was a pretty lazy day overall. Chris and I both worked from home though and were able to take a long lunch-break to go to the gym together which was a really nice little change-of-pace for a weekday. I also received a delivery in the afternoon that I was really excited about. I have typically always used planners from Target in the past (which I love), but I was looking for something for 2018 that was a little more intense. I remembered a book I read by Emily Ley that talked about a product she developed called The Simplified Planner, so I ordered one on Amazon! It took a lot of self-control to not start setting it up for next year right away, but I convinced myself to wait until the new year to do it.

Once we could close our laptops for the day around 4pm, we got in the car to take care of running a few errands. First we went to Menard’s to pick our some flooring for our guest bedroom. Um, we had never been in that store before, and it is massive. If you strongly dislike stores like Kohl’s like I do because there is just too much stuff, this would be your nightmare. However, we found exactly what we needed at a great price, so we were satisfied with the trip.

Next we were off to Costco, just because. We had a couple of items on our list that we “needed,” but mostly we just wanted to browse. We were sadly mistaken when we thought that a Friday night would be a safe time to go to Costco, but nope. It was almost as busy as it is on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Last we stopped at Old Navy, because Chris wanted some more of their t-shirts that he wears almost every day when he’s not at work. And of course, I ended up grabbing a couple shirts and a pair of jeans, too. I don’t typically like their clothes, but sometimes I can find some simple pieces that I like, and you really can’t beat their prices.

Then it began the weekend of eating terrible for us, but delicious food….. As we were standing in line to pay at Old Navy, we both started to realize how hungry we were and decided to place an order for some carry-out pizza. Our standard order is a large thin-crust pizza with pepperoni, green pepper, and onion, breadsticks, and a side garden salad with ranch. I suppose it could be worse? We took that home and devoured it while watching The Newsroom – an HBO show that Chris is obsessed with, but that I could truly do without.


My favorite hot yoga class was how I begun Saturday morning. It is so, so hard, but it makes me feel amazing, both during the class and after. During, I feel way stronger than I think I am – sometimes I surprise myself with certain poses I can do that I thought I couldn’t. Then it leaves me with this feeling after like I’m just kind of in a trance, which sounds insane, but it’s wonderful.

After yoga I am proud to say that I did not leave the house once all day. Chris and I worked our butts off in our guest bedroom. I’ll do a reveal post on it once it’s done, but basically what we have done so far is ripped up all the old, gross carpeting, cleaned up the floors, repainted the walls, and are currently working on all the trim. Cleaning up the floors was definitely the worst part. Chris is an angel and spent forever pulling up the hundreds of staples that someone had went insane on when they were installing the carpet, and I worked on ripping up the tack strips all along the border of the room. Which I was super proud of myself for being able to do well, and I basically think I am Joanna Gaines now.

We both really don’t mind painting, but are not big fans of doing the little detail work that spaces like the closet and window-sill require – which is exactly what we need to finish up. Chris definitely has more patience with it than I do though. We are both really happy with the shade of grey we chose for the room though, so it’s really nice to see some things in the room actually starting to come together.

I have been a bit of an anxious mess though, because our house is totally in shambles. I’ve been working to put away or put into storage all of the stuff that was in the bedroom we cleared out (except for my clothes), because we want it to be a “pretty room,” but it’s tough. We also had to take the closet doors off, so those are just laying in our hallway. I cannot wait to have everything all put back together!

Once we decided we had done enough work on that for the day, we settled in on the couch to watch some more TV and be TERRIBLE again and get carry out burger and tater tots for him and buffalo wings and fries for me. I do not know what was gong on with us this weekend! And I definitely paid for it by feeling disgusting, so am working really hard to get back to my healthy habits starting this morning.


Sunday was a typical, simple end to the weekend. I started it out by volunteering with my kids at church. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables for the week and got to work meal prepping salads and grilled chicken for lunches when I got home. Then my sister Sara came over and helped us on the room some more for a little while, and then the three of us headed out to my grandpa’s house for a family dinner. We weren’t there too late and were able to get our lives together for work today once we got home and still have time to watch our current favorite show – Shameless.


I have had some really busy weeks lately, so I tried to be intentional about not scheduling too much this week. I think I did a pretty good job, but also need to be good about saying no to things that pop up that I don’t really want to do. I need some time for myself this week to take care of me, recharge, and realign.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great Monday ahead!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Do you have any tips for installing flooring, because we are pretty much winging it at this point and could use all the help we can get?

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