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Bed and Breakfast in Marine City

Hello! Can you believe I’m checking in today with a non-baby related post?! It has literally been months…..

Over this past weekend Chris and I were fortunate enough to get out of town to use a gift certificate my parents had gotten us for Christmas to a bed and breakfast they love about an hour away from us on the water. But before we left for that on Saturday morning, we celebrated our two-year dating anniversary on Friday! I think we will always celebrate this anniversary, even though we have a wedding anniversary now, because we just love the restaurant so much and it’s a fun tradition.

On May 4, 2016 Chris and I went out on our first date at a cute little Italian place in Detroit called Ottava Via. And we have been together ever since! This picture isn’t from that day, but it is the first picture we ever took together, so close enough.

On May 4, 2017 we went to the same place for dinner and then got engaged.

And now on May 4, 2018 we went back again as a married couple with our little baby in my belly!

Time is wild……I cannot believe how much has happened since we met, and especially in the last year!

Anyway, back to the B&B. We had the most beautiful day to drive out there and were blown away by how cute the property was as soon as we drove up! There’s no way I took this picture (I got it from their website), but isn’t it gorgeous?! I actually took just about no pictures all weekend, which felt nice for a change. We were so close to the Canadian border that our phones were roaming for the most part, so we didn’t want to incur extra charges.

The Heather House is run by a very sweet husband and wife, and we were given a quick tour before being left to settle into our room which was actually the first one on the second level on the right you can see in the photo above. We really enjoyed sitting out on that balcony, reading our books and looking at the water for a while before we got ready to walk into town to do a little shopping before our dinner reservation. The town was only about a half mile away, and I absolutely loved just being able to walk there instead of having to drive. We wandered in and out of a few stores, and I bought a new facial soap bar that I’m really excited to try out soon.

Part of our gift from my parents was another gift card to the Marine City Fish Company, and it was a good thing we had made reservations ahead of time, because it was packed! The restaurant was adorable and tiny with some of the best seafood I’ve had in a while. I will say that I really missed being able to have a drink this weekend. The restaurant we went to Friday night has amazing housemade cocktails, and this one would have been perfect to have a glass of white wine at. I know that some women choose to drink a bit during pregnancy, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I will say that I am SO looking forward to wine after delivery though! Every time we get our wine subscription box each month I stare sadly at it and store it away in the basement until after October…. Anyway, after dinner we wandered over to get some ice cream and walked along the water on our way back to the house. Ice cream *almost* makes up for the lack of alcohol?

When we got back, we hung out in our room with all the windows open and played Yahtzee in bed for like, three hours. We are wild. It was so nice to spend time together without technology for a change. We have been really into watching Girls and The Handmaid’s Tale at home and spend a few hours each night catching up on those, and while I love it, it’s like a breath of fresh air to actually do something rather than to just watch something.

On Sunday morning we slept in for a bit before heading downstairs to have the most delicious breakfast of baked french toast, fresh fruit, and coffee cake. Our host was also kind enough to make me some decaf coffee, which tasted amazing. I have chosen to not have caffeine during pregnancy, but I have been having decaf coffee here and there. We don’t brew it at home, so to have a few cups on a Sunday morning felt like such a treat. We also got to chat with the other couple staying there that weekend for a while – they were so interesting and are just what I want to be like when we grow up a little more! We were sad to check out shortly after – our time there went by so fast!

The rest of our Sunday was spent getting ready for the week ahead and spending time outside in the gorgeous weather. I also took some time to flip through my new Joanna Gaines cookbook (GO BUY IT!), which totally inspired me to get cooking this weekend. Every single recipe in there looks absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait to start making some of them. And we were already talking about the next time we can get back to the B&B for our next weekend away. 🙂


I hope you are all having a great week! Thank you so much to so many of you for following along on my pregnancy journey so far. And for those of you who aren’t interested in that kind of thing, I’ll try to intersperse some of these lifestyle posts in periodically. 🙂

Now we are off to my ultrasound to find out our baby’s gender and how he or she is doing in there 😀 😀 😀 (!!!!!)

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