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Birthday Weekend Up North

Good morning! I hope that you are reading this post this morning feeling rested and content after a wonderful weekend and ready for the week ahead. I know that I sure am. Chris and I were lucky enough to be able to take some time to work remotely at the end of last week and headed up north on Thursday morning for a long weekend visiting my grandma and his parents. They are only about 1.5 hours apart and both in northern Michigan, so whenever we go up north it just makes sense to stop at both places. We had the best weather (although it got down into the 40’s at night!) and did next to nothing, and I am so grateful for that time away to relax.


After a quick workout at our gym on Thursday morning, we packed the car up and left to head up north. On our way there, we stopped at the spot where we are going to get married in October (!!) to take some additional photos of the space for our florist. My fingers are crossed so hard that Michigan weather holds up and we are able to have our ceremony outside in this gorgeous yard….

We had zero traffic on our way there and even had time to stop for a quick lunch in town before we went to my grandma’s. We were somewhat in a hurry, because she had scheduled an afternoon tee time for 9 holes of golf for the three of us and my aunt. She lives in a neighborhood that backs up to a gorgeous golf course, so we typically play every time we visit her.

Now I am really not very good at golf at all, but I love it. And I want to be good. So I’m thinking that Chris and I need to incorporate it into more of our weekends here at home. Now my grandma and my aunt are fantastic golfers – as they should be, since they basically go every day 😉 Chris and I aren’t terrible, but we definitely excel at driving the cart around.

We just had a low key night in after golf. My grandma made a delicious dinner of minestrone soup, sandwiches, and this tomato/cheddar/macaroni dish I love. And she made an insanely good cherry pie for dessert that we had along with some vanilla ice cream. And of course we ended our night with a couple of rounds of Rummikub.


I never sleep as good as I do up north, so I woke up naturally around 7:30am feeling so rested and ready for the day. That almost never happens at home, but I appreciate it so much when it does. After my favorite breakfast of my grandma’s buttermilk pancakes and coffee, she and I bundled up to take the dogs she walks for her little neighborhood business on a long walk. It was so relaxing and beautiful to walk through the woods and the trails early in the morning before really anyone else was out for the day.

When we got back home we picked up Chris to head into town and go shopping for a little bit. After shopping, some lunch, and watching a little TV, Chris and I jumped in the car again to head to our next destination. We made it to his parents’ place in record time, so we decided to stop at a new bar right on the water for a glass of wine before going to their place to unpack. We sat there for a while just looking out at the lake and enjoying being out of the car.

Once we got to the cottage, we went into town with his dad for dinner, to check out a little blues festival that was going on, and get drinks at my favorite little beachside bar. So fun!


Saturday was actually my 26th birthday, and Chris made it such an easy, special day for me. We started out the morning with riding bikes to the farmer’s market and purchasing some lemon poppyseed muffins and peaches for breakfast. Then we read our respective books in the park for a while and stopped at a little market on the ride back home to pick up supplies to make a snack plate for lunch. Along with our snacks of plums, cheddar cheese/crackers, and carrots/french onion dip, we drank a bottle of Kirkland rosé (THANKS COSTCO!). We had all of that outside, on a picnic blanket, next to the water while we read a little more. Perfect.

Then we decided it was time to actually get ourselves ready for the day, so we took care of that and then headed into town to take a long walk along the pier and wander in and out of some shops downtown. Then we met up with his parents for a drink at an outdoor bar before walking over to the restaurant we were going to eat dinner at – also outside on the patio.

When we got back home, Chris made us a fire by the water which we enjoyed for about an hour before it got way too cold and we made our way inside for the night to watch a little Desperate Housewives and go to bed.


We woke up early Sunday morning to get on the road as soon as we can so we would have the whole day to get our lives ready for the work week ahead. We made it to the gym around 10:30am for a quick workout and then hit up Costco and Starbucks before heading home. While I unpacked and did the laundry, Chris went to the grocery store for us. Then we took a little time to clean the house and ended up on the couch with plenty of time to catch up on our shows and do a little computer work before heading out to meet my parents and sisters for a birthday dinner for me at one of my favorite, local Italian restaurants: Da Francesco’s.

Dinner was SO good. The restaurant was recently re-located to a larger space, due to in getting so popular, and the remodel was so cool. After dinner we went back to my parent’s house for cake, ice cream, and presents. I love my family. <3 And THENNNNNNNNNN, we rushed on home to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. Oh my goodness. How on earth am I supposed to wait a whole YEAR for the next season?!?!


Have an amazing day. 🙂

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

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