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Cold Baseball Games & Family Time

Am I the only one that thinks this Monday is especially rough? I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that we had such a seemingly long, relaxing weekend or that the weather is supposed to be sunny and hot all week, but 0% of me wants to be at work right now. I do have a vacation day on Wednesday for my mom and I to go look at wedding venues, so at least that will break up the week a bit and hopefully make it not drag on too much like it usually does.

ANYWAY, onto the weekend. Friday was so fun. I was able to work from home (which is probably why the weekend technically seemed so long), and as soon as Chris got home we went to our favorite restaurant, J. Baldwin’s, for happy hour with some friends. After that we went to a local baseball game at a minor-league stadium that opened up super close to our house last summer with some different friends. The place is really small and cool, with great food options and local beer/liquor. We stayed for most of the game, but eventually got too cold and headed home to warm up and watch some Shameless (surprise, surprise) before bed.

I could really get used to my favorite Saturday routine of sleeping in (which is like, 7:30am for me), having breakfast in bed (a legit one this time of omelettes, ezekiel bread toast, and coffee!), reading, and watching some Parks and Rec before heading to the gym to take my favorite hot yoga class. Thanks to my new mat Chris bought me a few weeks ago, a special hot yoga towel that I ordered off of Amazon, and a great playlist, this was one of my favorite classes yet. I just cannot give enough praise to the teacher I have been going to – he is amazing and makes me feel like a whole new person by the time I leave his classes.

We both showered and got ready at the gym, because we knew if we went home to do that before we ran errands, the actual chance of us leaving the house again would be slim to none. So we headed straight to Costco from the gym to stock up on a bunch of grocery items that we ran out of and of course ended up with some random purchases, too, like new bed sheets and the new Kirkland brand big bottle of Sangria (which is really nothing special and we probably won’t be buying it again). I was starting to get way too hungry (even with all the free samples) by the time we were leaving, so we walked over to a Mediterranean place right next door for lunch. We were able to sit outside in the sun and people watch the cars driving to Costco, so it was a total win-win situation.

After lunch we made our way to Kroger to get some produce in lesser quantities than Costco would have offered us and some flowers for the front porch and eventually got back home to unload everything. Our plan after that was to lay out on the back porch and read in the sun for a few hours, but then out of nowhere it got cloudy and cold and started to rain. So instead we had our neighbor Alice over for some prosecco and to tell her about our engagement and then cleaned the house and started to prep everything for dinner.

Chris’s family came over for dinner on Saturday night – he grilled ribs and chicken and I roasted some broccoli and baby potatoes (a new parmesan-spice recipe I found on Pinterest that is delicious). We were able to eat most of our dinner outside on the back porch before it started to rain a little bit again, so we moved inside to finish eating, watch Ellen, and drink some more wine.

Later that night one of my best friends dropped off the sweetest package of engagement gifts!

The packaging itself was cute enough for me and I didn’t even want to open it to mess it up. But when I finally did, I smiled so big at what was inside. It was just a plethora of engagement memorabilia, like a water bottle, coffee mug, champagne flutes (stemless, that we desperately needed because my real ones with the long stems terrify me every time we use them), and a few other cute little things. On top was also a magazine and my favorite part, a wedding planner! For someone that still keeps a paper planner for my daily work and personal lives, this is exactly what I needed/wanted. I haven’t been able to fill out a ton of it yet, but I know this will help me to organize all my thoughts and make this process simpler and will be a great keepsake to remember the planning process down the road.

Sunday also started the same way as always, with volunteering with my girls at church. After that I brought my little sister Olivia home with me and we fed her lunch and she helped us meal prep for the week (she is an expert vegetable chopper). Then Liv and I headed to my parents house to hang out with the rest of the family for Mother’s Day. My mom and I ended up taking the dog for a long walk to a nearby park to do some wedding planning where we wouldn’t be bothered. We went through her list of to-do’s, her guest list, my planner, and a ton of magazines. Somehow, magically, we ended up on the same page about a bunch of things, and we are just really looking forward to seeing some venues and hopefully setting a place and date on Wednesday.

When we got back from our walk, Chris came over too and we all headed to a cute town by us called Rochester for dinner. We really wanted to sit outside on the patio at the restaurant, but it was too busy, so after we ate we ended up heading right back home to have a fire outside by the pool and roast smores and play games.

Chris and I also had my sister Jenna take some pictures of us, since we realized we really didn’t have any since we got engaged.

And although most of them turned out ridiculous (we aren’t the best at being in pictures), we love them and they are perfect.

And that’s about it! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and got to spend it with the people you love the most. 🙂

What was the best part about your weekend? Have anything fun going on this week?

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