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Food & Workouts – A Random Monday

I have talked a lot lately about how my health and fitness habits are working out for me, so I just wanted to check in quickly today with a recap of my day yesterday, how it made me feel, and where I’m at with everything today.

This came up a little bit yesterday, but I started out Monday morning with a cup of ginger tea in bed while I read my new book, Girl Code. I also gave myself plenty of time to clean up the house a little bit and get ready for work, and I even had time to do a little stretching before I got ready for the day, too. I’m pretty used to sleeping in until the last possible second and then rushing around to get to work on time, and giving myself the extra time really helped to set a calmer tone for my day than I am used to.

Before leaving for work, I made myself a protein smoothie with:

  1. 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

  2. 1 cup of frozen mixed berries

  3. 1/2 frozen banana

  4. 1 tbsp. peanut butter

  5. 1 tbsp. chia seeds

  6. 1 scoop Vega vanilla protein powder

  7. A big handful of spinach

I also made myself a cup of coffee when I got to work. Amazingly, this smoothie tends to keep me full for the entire morning (I make it a lot). And I knew that I needed something to hold me over until I could eat a late lunch, because my mom and I had a noon Pilates class scheduled with Clare. We did a lot of the same exercises/movements/stretches we did with her last week, but added in some jump board work and a few other more advanced progressions. I definitely left sweatier than I did the first time!

Once I got back to the office, it was well after 1pm and I was more than ready for lunch. Chris and I had prepped a few salads for the week that have romaine, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, white cheddar cheese, a few croutons, grilled chicken, and a balsamic vinaigrette. It was so nice to have all that ready and waiting for me without really any additional prep work to do. I had that alongside a lemon La Croix.

Later in the afternoon I snacked on a few strawberries, because I knew I wanted to go for a short run after work and was starting to get a little hungry. It was crazy hot here in Michigan yesterday, and I just wanted to do a little cardio to get me moving after so much sitting around at work all day. I just went 2 miles (took me about 20 minutes), and then came home to have a snack with Chris before heading to our friends’ house for dinner.

Over the weekend we were at my parents house for a dinner party, and my mom had a bunch of leftover brie cheese and crackers that she gave us to take home. We ate an embarrassing amount of that and even added some homemade raspberry/lemon jam on top. SO good. Last week Chris made us a big jar of iced tea, so we had some of that on the side, too.

Like, seriously. The brie is good on its’ own, but adding the jam on top takes it to a whole new level. I honestly could have eaten that entire wheel of cheese and not have been mad about it one bit (Anchorman..?! ;)). We tried not to eat too much, because like I said, we had dinner plans with some friends of ours.

We are super lucky to have some really good friends that live less than five minutes away from us, so we headed over there for dinner and to watch Bachelor in Paradise last night. They made some delicious chicken fajitas with peppers, onions, black beans, corn, rice, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, and anything else you could ever think of to top Mexican food with. It was an absolutely delicious dinner, and we really appreciated not having to cook!

While we watched the show, we each had a couple glasses of wine and snacked on some cookies and cream cake that Chris and I brought over. I also drank a ton of water.


I would say that as of lately, this is a pretty typical day of eating/workouts for me. Definitely some treats thrown in there, but I try my hardest to stay active throughout the day and to make as many healthy choices as I can earlier on in the day to counteract what I will inevitably have at night. It’s all about balance….right? 😉

I certainly notice a difference in how I am feeling when I made a conscious effort to make choices that serve my body well. That doesn’t look like 5:30am bootcamp classes and eating grilled chicken and broccoli all day every day for me (though it might for some people), but I’m starting to learn what works for my body and how I can ensure that I will follow that as much as I possible can.

If you are as interested in nutrition and fitness as I am, I would love to hear about what a typical day is like for you! I find it so fascinating how different people incorporate different things into their lifestyle and how no two people have the exact same routine/habits. I also love learning new ideas that I wouldn’t have thought up on my own.

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