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Friends, Family, and Food

Hello! Last week totally got away from me with the busyness of wedding planning, some changes at work (!!), and just general life stuff. I had big goals of some posts I wanted to write, but that just didn’t happen. I want to be very intentional these next two weeks before the wedding about documenting as much as I can, because I know this is a time in my life I will want to be able to look back on. So if wedding talk is a little heightened coming up, it won’t last too much longer!


Friends, family, and food were absolutely the three words I would use to describe the weekend we just had. I tried really hard to not schedule any “real” plans last weekend or the next upcoming one, since I know wedding tasks will inevitably pop up that I need to take care of. But not too much came up this past weekend, so we were really able to relax and enjoy ourselves for the most part!


On Friday night after work Chris and I went to our friend’s house (Joe and Clare) for dinner. Clare is an amazing cook and made us fish tacos with mango/avocado/chipotle salsa and it was fantastic. She is also making all the desserts for our wedding, so she went way out of her way to make us samples of what she will be making on that day! Everything was so, so good.

They also went way overboard and got us some super sweet “honeymoon-themed” gifts. I love these personalized luggage tags and we will totally be wearing these shirts on the plane.

We ended the night by playing Scrabble with them on this awesome, huge board that spins around and just looks really cool that they got from Restoration Hardware. I hadn’t played Scrabble in years, and I forgot how much I like it!


I was actually excited to get up on Saturday morning, because I had an appointment for a hair cut and color with a new girl that my sister went to and loved a few weeks ago. The last time I got my hair colored I feel like it turned out yellower than I wanted it to, so I explained to the stylist exactly what I wanted – a soft blonde and just a really simple cut that trimmed up the ends and layers of my hair. She did 100% perfect. I don’t think I will ever go to anybody else for hair ever again. I was SO happy with how it turned out!

Since it was about 90 degrees in Michigan all weekend (honestly, I am so ready for fall weather), we took advantage of the hot temperatures and went to my parent’s house to lay out in the pool with my dad on Saturday afternoon. I’m not mad about a pool day at the end of September, but I’m over the summer weather. And so is my parent’s dog.

The remainder of Saturday was spent doing our usual “adult” stuff – Costco, grocery store, laundry, and cleaning. And then we were over that so we ordered pizza for dinner and watched Parks and Rec for the rest of the night.


After church on Sunday morning, I had my hair and makeup trial for the wedding! I found a small company online a few months ago that had great reviews, traveled for their services, and seemed really nice, so I decided to give them a shot. And oh my goodness, I am so glad I did. The two girls who came to my house were young, fun, sweet, and did an absolutely phenomenal job. All I did was show them a couple of super simple pictures of the vibe I was going for, and then they took over completely. When I looked in the mirror when they were done, I honestly had zero complaints. Everything looked perfect and exactly like I wanted it to. I am so happy (and I’m sure they were too!) that it turned out on the first try. One less thing to worry about on the day of. 🙂 The cats weren’t too thrilled with having their room taken over though.

My sister Olivia came over during the trial to hang out, and after it was finished she stayed for a few hours to help me meal prep dinner and for the week. We made vodka sauce, roasted potatoes, lasagna, salads, and chopped up just about every vegetable in my fridge. She is actually a great cook and a huge help!

Later in the day Chris’s friend (and groomsman) came over for dinner and to hang out with us for a few hours. We had way more food left over from dinner than I had thought we would, so I’m pretty sure that Chris and I have lunches ready to go for every single day this week. I was so tired all weekend for some reason, and yesterday was no exception – I got in bed at 8:45 pm and it was glorious. Lately I feel like I could sleep for 12 hours a night and still be tired the next day. Wedding planning is no joke. I think I am going to be an entirely new person when we get back from our honeymoon!


My goal for this upcoming week is to really kick everything that has to do with the wedding into high gear. I read something the other day about trying to make your wedding week “the best week of your life,” instead of trying to make your wedding day “the best day of your life.” The author was talking about how unrealistic that is and how much it sets you up for disappointment, but if you think of it in a larger scale, it becomes much more attainable. So if I can get as much done as possible this week and not have too much to worry about next week, that would be fantastic!

Have a really great day. 🙂

What did you do over the weekend?

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