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Friends, Family, Superbowl, & Snow

Good morning 🙂 After staying up way later last night than I have been used to lately (um, like 9pm at the absolute latest….), it was hard to peel myself out of bed this morning to go to the gym, but I just knew that starting my week out on a positive note would go a long way. Especially when the weather is cold and snowy, like it definitely is in Michigan right now, it is so much easier to just get my workout in at home in front of the TV, but being in an actual gym surrounded by people does wonders for my motivation level, and we are paying enough for it so might as well use it as much as possible.

Anyway, we had a really good weekend! And actually did quite a few social things – good for us 😉

I wasn’t feeling great on Friday, so I honestly spent most of the day at home on the couch and eventually got myself up to get ready to go have dinner with Chris and our friends at a fancy new seafood restaurant nearby. I never wear my FitBit when I sleep at night, but I obviously fell asleep for a while on Friday afternoon with it on and I thought it was absolutely hysterical the little “message” the app gave me:

Although I was not in the best mood when I had to get up and put real clothes on, I was feeling much better by the time we got to the restaurant I think from simply getting up and doing something and being outside for a few minutes. And then I felt even better once I started to eat the delicious bread they brought around to our table. We had such a good time hanging out with them for a few hours, and the salmon I got was delicious. I got a little excited and started to deconstruct everything to eat it before I remembered I wanted to take a picture, so that’s why this picture isn’t so top notch haha

After that, we stopped at my parents’ house on the way home to hang out with them and two of my sisters and play a card game for a little while. We have a new Netflix obsession – The Following. I actually watched the whole series with my mom a few years ago, but I really don’t remember too much so Chris and I decided to start it up when we finished Lost last week and have been loving it so far. We made sure to make plenty of time to fit an embarrassing amount of episodes in this weekend.

Saturday morning started out pretty slow, but then we made our way to the gym where I met up with my friend Hannah to do a cardio and upper body workout. After the gym, Chris and I braved Costco to get a few essentials and then happily went straight home to have a lazy afternoon together. Eventually we got up and cooked dinner for Chris’s family and then ate and hung out with them for a few hours in the evening.

We had quite a bit of snow here on Sunday, but it was still our most active day in a while. Ever since I got my new car last Monday, I don’t mind driving in the snow one bit. We started out the day with church and then I volunteered with the kids, like always. We had a little time at home in the afternoon, but then we went to check out a potential builder that we might be building a new house with! I am so, so excited to get this process going.

Once we were finished with that, we went to my parents’ house for a Super Bowl party. It was so fun to hang out with them and their friends for a while and eat pizza and watch commercials, which was really all I went there for. 😉 I really tried to make it for the whole game and to watch This Is Us after, but there was just no way. I was exhausted, so we headed home at the end of the third quarter to watch the rest at home (ie. me reading a book).


Last week I started out with a new book for the month of February – Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker. I listed out some of my favorite highlights from the book, and last week I am happy to say that I really focused on “worrying less about getting recognized and more about becoming good at what you do.” I found myself doing things (whether how big or small) simply because I wanted to – not because I felt like I should or needed to. It is really freeing to do something just for yourself.

I feel like so much of life is doing something for someone else or for yourself because you “have” to. And while much of this is necessary, like working, cleaning, cooking, etc., a lot of it is not, yet we feel the need to partake in it for one reason or another. Once in a while, it’s such a breath of fresh air to lay on the couch and take a nap just because you want to. Or take a bath with a book. Or go for a walk, not to exercise but because you want to be outside. Essentially, to give yourself the freedom to not have an agenda for once.

So much of our lives is spent planning and making lists, which is great for sanity and organization, but it needs to stop sometimes so we can just relax once in a while. This week I want to keep my focus on this again, but I also want to add in the whole bit about selfless love – putting my loved ones’ needs as a high priority and realizing their importance and never taking them for granted. I try to focus on this every day, but sometimes it’s just easier to be selfish, and I want to make the “hard” choices for them more often than not.

Have a great day and week ahead!

How was your weekend? Did you actually watch the Super Bowl or just the commercials and halftime like me?

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