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Friends + Family + Too Much

Hello! How was your weekend? What did you do? I hope that it was long, fun, and allowed you time for yourself and to reset for this week ahead.

We had a great weekend, but I have to admit, by Saturday night I was just done. Saturday was jam-packed full of plans, and while it was all fun stuff, I just completely shut down and was completely done being around people. Luckily, some stuff on my Sunday shifted around, allowing a whole day (before going to see my dad for Father’s Day dinner) to just be at home, alone (except for Chris), getting done what I needed to and getting my sanity back.



Friday was a really long day. I worked all morning and then around lunch time headed to meet my mom to go bridesmaid dress shopping. Now, I really hate malls. Like with a passion. I am overwhelmed after being there for about three minutes, always get a headache, and leave in a pissy mood. So I was not looking forward to this trip at all. Luckily, we did find a few dresses that are good contenders, and at least now we have a little bit more of a vision of what we are looking for. I really just want to allow the girls to pick out whatever long dress they want to wear within our color scheme, but my mom and I aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye on that one.

After shopping and sitting in nasty rush hour traffic to get home, I wasn’t in the best mood (surprise, surprise), but Chris is great and had a delicious class of pinot noir and chips/salsa/guac waiting for me as soon as I walked in the door. After catching up on our days, we headed to ANOTHER mall (UGH) to get my dad a Father’s Day present. We were successful right away (thank goodness) and headed to a local Italian restaurant we have been wanting to try for a while for dinner.

This place is within walking distance of our house and was so good! Super reasonably priced, great food, and a cute little vibe. I loved it. I got a vodka salmon dish with veggies and he got the veal parmesan. We both had enough leftovers to have for lunch later in the weekend. It was a super good experience – we will definitely be going back.

After dinner, we headed home to watch a little House of Cards before going to bed.


Saturday morning begun with a great hot yoga class, followed by lunch with our guy/officiant/friend that will be marrying us in a couple of months. After that we met at our friend’s house for a road rally her and her husband were hosting. It started at a local bar and took the teams (about 15 cars of 4-5 people) around the area, solving puzzles to find clues at different locations. We had fun, but it was so, so hard and we ended up getting super frustrated and basically giving up halfway through, haha. Eventually we made it back to their house for a party to hear everyone’s scores (we came in last – big surprise) and have some pizza and drinks.

We had left the house at 9:00am for yoga and didn’t end up getting home from the party until about 9:30pm. It was a super long day filled of social interactions (which really, really drain me), and by like 8:00pm I was just done. Sometimes I get to a point where I just shut down and have nothing left to give anymore, and that was exactly what happened. Chris is great when that happens, so he got me home as soon as possible and into the bathtub with a bath bomb from Lush, a candle, and a glass of wine. It relaxed me within just a couple minutes, and I was able to fall asleep instantaneously.


I knew that if I wanted to keep my sanity I would have to take it easy on Sunday to make up for Saturday, and luckily my original plans had changed a bit to enable me to do so. It is basically unheard of, but I slept in until 9:00am!! I was so happy when I woke up naturally to the sunlight and realized I had slept deeply for about 10 whole hours. Chris and I were extremely lazy until about 10, just laying around and drinking coffee. Eventually we got up and Chris started making us omelettes and toast for breakfast while I got to work on the laundry.

After breakfast he had some actual work to do, so I took that time to do the dishes, stuff our save-the-dates in their envelopes to mail out today, organize some stuff on my computer, and put away random things in the house. After a few hours of that, we made our way to the grocery store to get just a few things we needed for the week ahead. Then he went to hang out with his dad for Father’s Day, and I had plenty of time to clean the whole house and get to the gym for a good workout before heading to my parent’s house to see my own dad.

My mom made a delicious dinner for all of us, including my grandpa and his wife. Chris joined us for dessert afterwards, which we ate outside by the pool and then played a few rounds of BuzzWord and Guesstures. It felt so good to get home after that and have everything all set for the week ahead. I have such a better attitude going into the week if I am ready for it.


A total side note, but we ordered our save-the-dates from Minted. I really just found the company through googling “wedding invitation companies.” I could not have been more impressed! The site was so easy to navigate with tons of design options for our cards. We wanted something simple, yet different, which we definitely got. I also really loved the option they offer to address the invites (at no extra cost!) – definitely took advantage of this. I was ecstatic about how both the save-the-dates and the envelopes turned out and will absolutely be using this company for our wedding invitations in a few months, too. And my mom already ordered my bridal shower invitations from there! If you have any sort of need for paper products in the near future, I would highly recommend looking into Minted. And their packaging is adorable. 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday – hopefully this week flies by and the weekend is here again before we all know it.

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