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Health & Fitness Update

There’s nothing like getting engaged that makes you think about what you are putting in your body, am I right? Because with an engagement comes a wedding and with a wedding comes thousands of pictures being taken of you and hundreds of people’s attention on you for months leading up to the day, and then literally everyone’s eyes on you for an entire day. And these are pictures that will be framed, put in books, and handed out for literally forever. No pressure, huh?

I wish I could say that the moment we got engaged all my stressors went away and I was solely focused on marrying Chris and our blissful life together. But that’s totally not true. It really gives me crazy intense anxiety to think about that many people looking at me and the amount of photos and videos that will be taken on our wedding day. There are also a handful of events leading up to the day that worry me, and I don’t want them to.

You want to know how I’ve coped up until this point? By eating whatever I want, drinking whatever I want, going out to eat a lot, and slacking on exercise a lot. Because in the moment, I think, “I’m so stressed about this wedding. A million different people are asking me a million different things that I don’t know the answer to.” And I think that gives me an excuse to do what is easy and to forget what makes me feel good.

I’m sure I’m not the only person that says over and over again, “I’m starting fresh tomorrow” or “Monday will be when everything changes,” and then one frustrating thing happens tomorrow or Monday and you just never get around to it. To be totally honest, I think that is completely normal and understandable, but for me personally, I want to just feel better. I want to not wake up in the morning and feel sluggish. I want to get back to waking up and feeling energetic and ready for the day.

I am not so naive as to think that I will snap my fingers and everything will be better tomorrow, but I do believe that setting your mind to something and intentionally going after it is entirely possible. I want to wake up on my wedding day and feel amazing. I want to go through that entire day with only the fondest memories and to be able to give my entire best self to Chris. I want to enjoy the planning process and feel confident when I see someone point a camera in my direction. I don’t want the fact that I am too tired to stop me from doing something fun with my bridesmaids on a random Tuesday night. And honestly above all else, I want to be totally comfortable in a bikini for 10 days on our honeymoon in October.

I have also realized that over half of my problem is sticking with consistent workouts. I know that if I get my butt out of bed and move for 30 minutes first thing in the morning, my entire day takes on a positive spin immediately. When I work out in the morning, it inspires me to do a little cardio after work, which ends up being a full hour of activity before I even knew it! And I really do (for the most part) eat very healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. And usually dinners, too. So are the occasional serving of flaming hot cheetos and a few glasses of cabernet at the end of the day really hurting me? No – probably not.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my fitness journey is that if what I am doing does not allow for real life, I won’t do it. A “diet” that excludes wine, random sour candies, and occasional dinners out at my favorite restaurants is not one that I will stick to. Instead, I need to (and want to) focus on making more choices that makes me feel good than choices that make me feel bad. Sounds pretty simple, but it is easier said than done.

So in order to take a step in the right direction, I have actually got up the last three mornings in a row and worked out in the basement. Chris set up a little workout space for me downstairs that has everything I need to get my Tone It Up workouts done each day.

I have also been working hard to try to keep all of my food choices as clean as possible so that when the opportunity arises for a treat, I don’t feel guilty accepting it. Perfect example – as I am typing this post on Tuesday evening, I am splitting a bottle of red wine with Chris and we are about to have cupcakes, but we went to the gym after work and had roasted fish, broccoli, and potatoes for dinner. It’s all about balance.

So from now until the wedding, my goal is to focus solely on feeling the best I possibly can. Like I said, when October 8th comes, I want to be the best possible version of myself that I can. I want to go into my marriage with confidence and love for myself so that I can be everything Chris deserves and more.

With all that rambling being done, this is what I want to focus on health and fitness-wise up until our wedding:

  1. Being active, every single day

  2. Eating as clean as possible at every chance I get, so when the fun opportunities arise I don’t have to decline them

  3. Sleeping – a lot

  4. Taking the time to take care of myself

  5. Understanding that the more positive choices I make now, the better I will feel on our wedding day

  6. Cutting back on alcohol, so it feels like a real treat when we are having a bunch of champagne come October

If you are married or prepped for a big event, I would love to know what you did to help yourself feel the best you possibly could for it!

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