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Honeymoon – Part 1

Now we get to talk about the really fun part. 🙂 Our wedding was magical and perfect and you can read all about that here, but we were so crazy excited for our honeymoon. After working with our travel agent and letting her know the general vibe we were going for, we chose to go to the Sandals resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. At first I was a little iffy about going to a chain resort, but it turned out to be the best decision we could have made. We had the best time we could have ever imagined….

Monday was an EARLY day. We had to get up about 4 a.m. to take the shuttle from the hotel to the airport, and I was still an emotional wreck from the night before. However, we chose to fly first class and as soon as we got seated, covered up with blankets, and got breakfast and mimosas, I was suddenly fine. 😉 Our two flights were very enjoyable – we ate muffins from the wedding the night before and read/slept a lot. We were surprised to see how many people from our flights ended up in Jamaica with us!

The Jamaica airport was super easy to navigate, and we got to wait in the Sandals lounge with champagne while we waited for our shuttle to the resort. The ride there was less than five minutes (!!), and we were greeted with lemongrass towels and rum punch. We weren’t mad about that at all. We had booked a room with a butler to help us out throughout the week, so he might up with us right away and took us to our gorgeous room. It was perfect and a little set off from the resort so we had a ton of privacy.

After unpacking, we went to a cute beachside restaurant for lunch – fruity cocktails, sandwiches, and fries. I was so tired and really just wanted to go back to the room and take a nap, but Chris convinced me to go to the pool for a bit before having to get ready for dinner. The pool was great, the weather was perfect, and the beach party buffet for dinner was really fun. But I was almost so tired I couldn’t stand it by this point, so we went back to the room, watched a little TV, and slept for like, 12 hours.

We were so excited for our first full day in Jamaica! We woke up around 7 a.m., layed in bed for a while, and then went to the gym for a workout. After that, we had breakfast outside on the ocean and played with/fed all the stray cats that hung out on the patio! Then we went back to the room to change and headed to the beach. I felt like a totally new person at this point and was feeling so, so grateful to be in such a gorgeous place with my husband.

Our butler brought us a cooler on the beach filled with a bottle of champagne, orange juice, and a bunch of water. It really was an unbelievable place…and we are convinced that we had at least a bottle of champagne (plus a bunch of other cocktails…) every single day. We spent our day alternating between swimming in the ocean and hanging out in the pool and talked to a bunch of other really nice couples that had either been there like, 10 times, or were there on their honeymoon, too. We took a short break from the sun around lunchtime to head back and order some room service and then went right back out to the pool.

Once it was time to get ready for dinner, we went back to the room to find a bubble bath drawn for us with a bunch of flowers! It was amazing and just what we wanted. Our butler had booked us dinner reservations each night either at our resort or one about five minutes away, and our first night took us to a very fancy one on property. It was really fun to get all dressed up and go eat a delicious dinner together, not in a rush and with nowhere to be. It also helped that the resort was all-inclusive, so we ate and drank anything and everything whenever we wanted to. We got used to that way too quickly….

Since we are about 100 years old, we just went back to our room every night right after dinner. It was so beautiful that we really did want to hang out there, and we had a private balcony with a daybed, table and chairs, and hot tub, so why would we not want to spend a bunch of time there?! Plus, we like our sleep, and we had been so busy leading up to the wedding that we had a lot of sleep to catch up on. We heard that the nightlife was fun there, but we were never awake late enough to experience it.

The rest of our days were very similar to our first day. We just aren’t super adventurous, so we didn’t want to do too much other than lay on the beach and spend all of our time together. There were a bunch of water sports that were included at our resort, but we preferred to lay on the beach and watch other people do them haha. Chris and I have always had the kind of relationship that we can be totally happy doing absolutely nothing together, and Jamaica was no exception. Give us each other, a nice glass of wine, and some people watching, and we will probably be content forever. I cannot put into words what a good time we had.

As much as I love writing about this, it makes me miss it like crazy. I am so thankful that all of our guests (we registered for our honeymoon) were a part of our trip and really did help us to have the best honeymoon we could have ever dreamed of. I’ll do another honeymoon post soon with the rest of the highlights from the trip. 🙂

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