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Honeymoon – Part 2

So yesterday I brought you part one of our honeymoon, and today I just want to talk about the highlights of the rest of your trip. I would totally bore you if I gave you a recap of each day, because they were all truly almost identical to day one. So here are my favorite parts of our honeymoon:

  1. I must say that one of the most exciting parts of our honeymoon was getting to see both Chris and I wearing our wedding bands! I was used to wearing my engagement ring, but adding another ring on there really did make a difference. And it was totally different to see Chris wearing a ring, because he has probably never worn a piece of jewelry in his life. We also purchased Qalo rings before our trip, since we knew they would come in handy with being in the water all day and also during our workouts, both on the honeymoon and now that we are home. We love them and would totally recommend them! Along with the ring thing obviously goes getting to call Chris my husband…. 🙂

  1. We just loved our little morning routine we got into. Since we went to bed by like, 9pm every night (no joke), we were up naturally by 7am-ish each morning. We took our time getting out of bed and then went to the surprisingly nice gym that almost always had no one else in it except for us. We don’t often get to workout together at home, so it was really fun to do it together for a whole week (we were there 10 days, but took 2 days of that off). After our workout, we would walk over to breakfast and eat a delicious meal outside, looking out at the ocean, and usually started drinking mimosas at this point, too. 😡 Then we always went back to the room to get our bathing suits on and head right to the beach!

  1. Reading. A lot. I read Hillary Clinton’s new book, How to Murder Your Life, and a total, simple, fun beach-read that my co-worker lent me before the trip.

  1. Eating and drinking whatever we wanted without feeling bad about it. Like I said yesterday, I think we had a bottle of champagne every day, coupled with random fruity cocktails in the pool, and usually wine with dinner. And we had pizza delivered to us in the pool more than once. AND our butler would bring us random snacks throughout the day. It was heaven, and we totally enjoyed ourselves and I did not feel guilty one bit.

  1. Taking the shuttle to the neighboring Sandals resort for Thai food on a private island. This was by far my favorite meal of the trip. It was so romantic to take the little boat over there in the dark and sit at a secluded table together, right on the water, drinking sauvignon blanc and eating the spiciest, best Pad Thai I have ever had in my life. If the reservations weren’t so in demand for that place, we probably would have gone back again!

  1. Just plain having nowhere to be all day for 10 days except for making our dinner reservations. We are on such a schedule at home, and it was amazing to just do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It took some getting used to at first, but then it was hard to re-adapt once we got home! Like I said, we basically did the same things every day – our morning routine above, beach, pool, room service lunch, more pool, nap, shower, dinner, bed – and it was perfect for us. We also really enjoyed making random decisions “out of the norm haha” just because we felt like it. It’s rare to get to do that at home!

  1. The swings and hammocks out in the ocean! These were SO cool. It was obviously really hot in Jamaica, so it was awesome to be able to lay out on the beach and read for a while and then just get right in the ocean to cool off. We didn’t use the swings and hammocks as much as we should have, but they were awesome nonetheless.

  1. Sunsets. I cannot put into words how gorgeous the sunsets were each night. The sun started to set around 5:30pm and our dinner reservations were typically at 6, so we loved to go to the nicer bar they had in the lobby and get a glass of wine and sit outside and watch the sun go down. It’s crazy though because sunsets are definitely something we have in Michigan, too, but we just don’t appreciate them as much as we should when we are at home. We kept saying we were going to get up early enough to watch the sun rise at least one day, but that just wasn’t happening haha. Maybe next time.

  1. Baths. Enough said. I LOVE a good bath, but we just don’t have a big enough tub at home to be able to enjoy them. However, our bath tub in Jamaica was no joke. It was an enormous circle with a little bench inside, and we decided we need one of those in our house ASAP. We also had a “soaking tub” out on our patio that was differently shaped, but equally as large. We used both a bunch of times and got really spoiled with our butlers drawing baths for us on multiple occasions…

  1. Last but not least, I was ecstatic to get to spend so much uninterrupted time with my husband (!!) after the craziness of wedding planning. Everybody was right – it was all more than worth it. I love him so much and still every day think about how lucky I am. <3


And there you have it! All wedding and honeymoon related posts are over. As much as I loved writing them, I am ready to go back to normal. That goes for real life, too. The wedding stuff has still been lingering in the way of thank you notes, name changing, and other miscellaneous tasks, but it’s slowly winding down. Chris and I are really looking forward to getting the hang of being married and just enjoying life being boring for a while 😉

Have the best weekend!

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