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Lots of Lists and Time at Home

Hello! Happy Monday. 🙂 I love when a Monday rolls around that I am not dreading. I briefly mentioned it last week, but some recent changes at work have been helping out with my not-so-favorable situation, making my days much better than they have been in the recent past. I also have this entire week alone in the office – I totally understand that this is some people’s nightmare, but I love having days at work alone. I get done what I need to as quickly as possible and then have the rest of the week to focus on personal things I need to take care of. Also, Chris and I are heading up north with my family on Saturday for the next week, so I’ve really got something to look forward to!

But back to the weekend……


Friday night was perfect. I was able to come home from work a bit early, so I had about 2.5 hours to absolutely wreck our kitchen table with wedding stuff and work on getting my life together. Even better that I had a couple glasses of prosecco and listened to Mumford and Sons while doing so. I also had a little buddy around to keep me company.

I really feel like I have 8,000 lists going lately. I have a bunch for the wedding, a personal one, a work one, a budgeting one, etc. It’s never-ending. I do love list making and working from them, but I’ve got to find a better system to use for the next couple of months so I don’t lose my mind or start over-looking stuff. Any suggestions?

After that, we got ready to go out and meet two of our friends for dinner at a brand new restaurant to our area, Testa Barra. We have been going to their “parent restaurant” for years and love it, so we were super excited to learn that they were opening up an Italian-fusion version of their original spot. And oh my gosh – this place was amazing. First of all, the aesthetic was so cool. I honestly don’t even know how to describe it. To start, we got a round of cocktails called the “Garden of Eden.” It’s a gin drink that they made on a cart next to our table. Wonderful. We split their “hot legs” (or wings) and roasted carrots to start, got another round of cocktails, and their ordered our main meal. I got the “Pollo Al Limone Ravioli” which is “chicken, spinach, parmesan, and lemon ricotta.” This dish was to die for. The chicken was bone-in and pan fried, the ravioli was perfect, and the lemon ricotta cheese on top was absolutely delicious. We will absolutely, 100% be going back very soon. I want to try the whole menu!

After dinner our friends came over for a while to play Rummikub, have a little more wine, and listen to music. It was a wonderful night!


I had an appointment to go to on Saturday morning that unfortunately was at the exact same time as my favorite hot vinyasa yoga class, but the appointment went great, so I’m not too mad about it 😉 After that Chris and I headed to a nearby performing arts center to meet my whole family for my sister Olivia’s dance recital. Although we look pretty pissed to be there, it was actually a fun afternoon.

Once we got home from that, we spent the evening watching Desperate Housewives, ordering pizza for dinner, and taking care of setting up our new grill on the back porch.


Since I am done with volunteering at church with the kids for the summer, we were able to go to the gym first thing on Sunday morning! I took a different hot yoga class that I didn’t like nearly as much as my regular one I go to, but it worked. Chris made us a delicious breakfast of protein pancakes with blueberries and bananas when we got home. Then we got to work getting all our boring, but necessary adult stuff done – grocery shopping, laundry, meal prepping, and cleaning. The weather was just gorgeous on Sunday – I love cleaning with all the doors and windows open to air out the house!

Once we finished those things we still had a little time to just chill at home before Chris went to meet his dad for dinner and my friend Rosaria and I headed to meet my mom and sisters at an outdoor concert venue to see the Train concert! We made a cute little picnic and brought some wine to tailgate with before the concert started. The night was a little cool, which I loved, and we had a great time just hanging out and listening to some good music.


This week I am starting the 12-week Bikini Body Guide program by Kayla Itsines. I have a few friends that have gone through this program and not only saw great results, but had fun doing it, too. I love my Tone It Up girls, but I just need something new for a little while. I’ve also been craving some structure with my workouts lately, and I’m hoping this program will give me just that. I’m really looking forward to something different!

I am also really looking forward to having a lot of time to myself this week. Some major things I want to get accomplished are:

  1. Consolidate/organize all my to-do lists into something that makes sense and is manageable

  2. Get in at least 3 morning workouts

  3. Eat as many meals as possible at home (we will be out of town next week and inevitably eating out a lot)

  4. Make some really necessary wedding planning progress – there are a couple of key items that need to be taken care of ASAP that I just keep putting off

  5. Choose and start a new book and pick a couple more to take up north next week

I hope you have a great start to your week!

How was your weekend? What do you want to get done this week? Any plans for the Fourth of July holiday?

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