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Must-Have Baby Registry Items

Trust me - I know how exciting it is to make your baby registry for the first time, but the items that you actually *need* for your newborn are few and far between. I have SO many things that were never used or worn that I just passed along to the next person.

After trying and testing products through two babies, here's what I've come up with as my absolute favorites for when you bring a new baby home. :)

  • Baby carrier. The two brands that I have are Boba Original and Ergo Omni 360. I love both for different reasons. Boba is a cloth wrap and amazing for those early newborn days. Ergo is sturdier and grows really well with your baby without putting extra pressure on your back.

  • Target Cloud Island 3-pack zip up sleepers. My kids LIVED in these the first 6 months or so. There are so many different patterns and I think they go up to 6-9 month size. 3 for $12 I think. You can't beat it! Plus they zip from the bottom.....amazing.

  • Lots and lots of diapers & wipes (I like these Pampers wipes & Target diapers).

  • Tons of burp cloths. I don't have a link for these, because my sweet neighbor made me some that I am obsessed with.

  • 2 haakaa pumps. If you plan to breastfeed, these are the BEST. Super cheap and amazing at catching excess milk/helping you build up a freezer stash of milk without having to sit attached to a pump. Trust me - you'll want 2.

  • Love to Dream swaddles. Again, you want more than 1. Blowouts and spit up will inevitably happen right before bed, every time. I seriously think we had 5.

  • Muslin blankets. Love these for laying down on the floor to set baby on, for swaddling, and for tucking baby nice and snug into the car seat. Both my boys have hated the car, and tucking them in tight with this (AFTER you buckle them!) really seems to help.

  • Activity play mat. Ours is Fisher price brand, but I would totally get the Lovevery one if I was having another kid)

  • Hat. I like Carhartt!

  • Universal stroller for your car seat. So easy to just plop your car seat down in there.

  • Pack n play (we never used this for sleeping, but use it as a downstairs changing table every day).

**I registered at Target and on Amazon.

Notice I didn't put a crib or bassinet on this list - lol. I'm a co-sleeper, and my kids have liked items to put them down in (like a swing, dock a tot, or boppy). That's why I really prioritze the baby wrap for during the day! Also, these are solely items I think are necessary for a new, new baby. Obviously items get added to the list as your baby grows. :)

Hope this helps!

Love, Allison

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