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Planning a Wedding is Hard

Okay, so maybe it’s not for some people, but it sure is for me.

I’ve talked about the process so far a bit here, and to be honest I’ve been trying to do anything but write about wedding-related things on here since my last post about it literally one month ago on June 20. Which is silly, because even though it’s not my favorite season of life, I know it’s one I’m really going to want to look back on and remember.

But I’ve been this way my entire life – whenever something is difficult or stressful for me, I just want to push it under the rug until I absolutely have to deal with it. And the other thing is that I have so many people (my mom, sisters, bridesmaids, wedding planner, awesome vendors, etc.) that basically want to do it all for me. Which in theory would be great, but one of the things that bothers me the most about weddings is that of the ones I’ve seen, they tend to get so far away from seeming personalized to the bride and groom. I want this day to be so much about Chris and I and our love for each other, and I’m really starting to realize that in order for that to happen I have to intentionally carve out more time than I have been to not only do the actual planning/booking, but to sit down with him and figure out all these little details that will make the day special, personal, and fun for us.

Now let’s talk about yesterday. My work day was fine – nothing exciting, but fine. I did really well eating healthy throughout the day so physically I was feeling good (oatmeal for breakfast, cantaloupe for a snack, and 1/2 an ezekiel bread sandwich for lunch with roasted brussels sprouts) and I had plans to go to an hour-long bootcamp workout class after work at 4:30pm before my little sisters came over for dinner with Chris and I at 6:15pm. But after lunch-time, I started to freak out. I had a lot going on at work, so papers were strewn all over my desk. I had also brought a bunch of wedding stuff to work, because I was expecting phone calls from a few vendors yesterday and I wanted to have my order sheets visible, so that stuff was all over, too. I had already talked to the vendors at this point, who asked a million questions that I didn’t know the answers to and felt like I should. And I was hot. Which never helps. So essentially I started to lose my mind. I canceled my workout class and got through the next couple hours of work, but the second I stepped in the door from work (Chris wasn’t home yet) this happened:

Yes, that’s a Costco-sized pickle (I had two) and a large vodka soda make with La Croix and a ridiculous amount of lemon. It was literally all I could fathom putting in my body at that point, haha. To really add to the moment, I put an Alanis Morissette record on really loud, because I am dramatic.

I must say that it somewhat worked and motivated me to get my life together (wedding-wise) so I could move on with the rest of my day and actually maybe even begin to enjoy the rest of the wedding planning process? Because I really do want to. I guess I just haven’t known how to up until this point, because I feel like I have to-do lists in eight different places so I don’t even know what needs to be done or what vendor I need to do it with. So I literally laid out anything and everything that has to do with the wedding on our kitchen table and got to work consolidating it into one list.

It’s not a pretty picture, but I came out of it with one piece of paper (front and back) that is separated into four months (July – October) and has tasks separated out by each month. Then Chris and I went through the list by each month and highlighted what he can help with. And I feel a million times better about the whole thing writing this out this morning. Which is a huge relief. I actually feel like I can begin to tackle this tasks now that I understand the timeline of what needs to be done and when.

On a different note, here’s where I am kind of actually at with wedding planning:

  1. Ceremony/reception sites are confirmed.

  2. We really, really need to work on the menu.

  3. The bridesmaid dresses are chosen and ordered! We looked at this color swatch for way too long.

  1. I love these shoes and ordered them on Amazon last night and am praying I like them with my dress.

  1. The invitations should be arriving today or tomorrow, so those are super close to being mailed out.

  2. I’m working on scheduling hair/makeup trials – I have a general idea of what I want to do, but want a professional’s opinion on it with my dress.

There’s obviously more, but that’s the main stuff for now.

Also, completely random, but my bridesmaids and I went shopping for their dresses on Monday night and decided last-minute when we finished that we wanted to go back to my house for dinner and to watch The Bachelorette. And Chris is a real solid guy – look what he pulled together with like, 20 minutes notice:

A fajita bar! Complete with tequila shots. I am a lucky girl. Needless to say, my friends were pretty impressed. And it was exactly what we needed after having to be in a formal dress store (ugh) for longer than any of us really wanted to. It was crazy nice to come home to such a good dinner and some trashy TV – just what I need in my life 😉

For those of you that are married, literally how did you do it? Was the planning fun for you or no? Any tips to make all of this more streamlined and fun?

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