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Pregnancy – Week 13 Update

Written on March 26, 2018

13 weeks today! 🙂 I am still feeling pretty darn good, and I am so grateful for that. This week our little guy is the size of a food I am absolutely obsessed with right now – lemon. I feel like I am putting lemon on and in everything lately. And I feel like I say this every week, but it continues to blow my mind how big (even though it is still so tiny) our baby is growing. Especially because it’s all basically totally natural, and I don’t have to do a thing except let it happen. It is so hard to wrap my mind around.

Progress Photos

Even though it’s not that noticeable yet, I see a little bump coming out! I am not even going to lie – I wore one of my loosest pairs of jeans to church on Sunday, but wore them with a long flowy sweater and didn’t even try to button them haha. I think it’s time to invest in some maternity jeans….? But I hate jeans as it is and am crossing my fingers that the weather warms up soon, so I may not even need jeans the rest of my pregnancy! One can dream.


Like I mentioned, I am feeling pretty good lately! I have random times of nausea, definitely need a nap now and again, and am still sleeping for like 10 hours a night, but in the grand scheme of things that’s nothing. I am noticing a bit more random pain in my hips and pelvic area and have felt quite a bit of tightening in my uterus, which from everything I have read is totally normal. I am also just starting to accept the fact that my breasts will be sore for like, as long as I can see into the future.


I am so obsessed with fruit right now. I can’t stop. I go through so many strawberries that we are going to the grocery store to buy them multiple times a week. Also grapefruit juice (Chris is the best husband ever and fresh squeezes it for me), pineapple, and frozen green grapes taste amazing.

Other than that, I’m not really craving anything. I certainly gravitate towards certain foods (ahem, pizza and cheese…..), but those are foods (treats) I wanted pre-pregnancy, too. Things that have a lot of garlic gross me out, but really spicy foods sound wonderful. I am feeling grateful that vegetables are slowly but surely getting better for me, because I just feel better all around when I eat a lot of greens.

Products Used

Since my skin was so, so bad (literally, the worst it had been ever in my whole life), I caved and decided to try out the Belli skincare line. It is made specifically for pregnant women, with all ingredients being safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My esthetician had recommended it to me, and I had seen it all over pregnancy blogs and websites, so I had high hopes.

I went all out and ordered the Complete Acne Control Kit. First of all, I have to say I was so impressed with how quickly it came and how cute the packaging was. That goes a long way! Second of all, I am SO happy to say that within just a few days I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin and now a week later, it has almost completely cleared up my face. There is just one little section on my chin that is being stubborn, but other than that this stuff works like magic. I cannot recommend it highly enough. All the products smell great and feel wonderful on my skin. They don’t leave my skin dry and are super hydrating without being greasy. For someone that has super sensitive skin and almost nothing works for in the acne department, I am beyond impressed and am so happy I made this purchase!

Fitness Routine

My fitness routine is still exactly the same as the last few weeks, with one addition. I came across the BodyFit by Amy YouTube Channel and am obsessed! I was trying to find some prenatal online workouts that I liked, but came across a lot of duds. Then I found Amy’s channel and am so happy I did. She has such a good personality and is so much fun to follow along. Her workouts are challenging, but not overly exerting, and she really seems so knowledgable in fitness. I have really enjoyed incorporating a couple of her strength, cardio, and stretching videos into my routine each week. Even better that I can do them at home in my living room. 🙂


Okay, total honesty time. I don’t think many people talk about how nerve-wracking it is to be pregnant. And maybe I feel this way because I have always been an anxious person, so just ignore this little rant if I sound crazy. 😉 But ever since the moment I saw that pregnancy test say “Positive,” something inside of me changed. I wanted to do everything in my power to protect this little baby inside of me. I hate that I don’t get daily reassurance that everything is okay with him or her. I just feel like it is a waiting game in between doctor’s appointments, and I hold my breath until they find that little heartbeat.

I am trying so hard to enjoy this time in my life and to remember that I am taking care of myself so I can in turn take care of the baby, but I just wish there was more I could do to reassure myself that it is okay in there. I am so anxious for those daily kicks, but until that happens I really just have to sit back and trust that everything is as it should be. That is so much harder to do than I ever thought it would be.

So if you are like me and are a total worrier, I don’t really have any advice for you on this one haha. I just needed to get this off my chest! The one thing that I have found to help me is stopping to pause, putting my hand on my stomach, taking a few deep breaths, and just practicing gratitude for the baby growing inside of me. I do this whenever I start to get really anxious, and it allows me to reset for a minute and start over until I get that feeling again.

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