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Pregnancy – Week 17 Update

Written on April 23, 2018

17 weeks pregnant today! We are creeping closer and closer to 20 weeks, which is so wild to me that it will mark being 1/2 done with this pregnancy. It is flying by way too quickly, and I don’t think I like it (as excited as I am to meet our baby!). I just love that he or she is safe inside me, I can protect it, and I don’t have to ever worry about where it is haha. I do know once it is born I will be wondering how I ever lived without him or her though!

Progress Photos

Never in my life have I been excited about having a belly until now. Usually it is what I am trying to avoid, but now I am so happy to see my body changing to accommodate this growing baby. I wasn’t really gaining any weight up until now, but I have finally started to gain a few pounds which I am actually very happy about, too. It is so odd to have the tables turned – I never thought I would see the day when I would be happy to see the number on the scale go up.


I am really feeling pretty great right now. I think that I have finally started to allow myself to “enjoy” being pregnant. That might sound crazy since I have been ecstatic from the start, but up until this point I have been really worried and just focused on keeping our baby safe. Now that I have a little more reassurance that everything is going well, I have totally let go a little bit and have just been trying to take advantage of this time in my life. It is a great feeling.

It also helps that I am physically feeling great. My nausea is gone as long as I don’t get hungry, my appetite is way better, I haven’t had a headache in weeks, and my sleep is pretty normalized. The only thing I have been feeling that is a little out of average (other than my growing belly!) is some tightening in my lower abdomen, which I have now been told is round ligament pain. It’s not prominent enough to hurt – it’s just something I notice once in a while.

I am really looking forward to feeling the first movements from our baby!


My appetite is back big time. Nothing really sounds “gross” to me anymore, but I am certainly gravitating towards certain things:

  1. Strawberries – I don’t think this one will ever go away

  2. Oatmeal – I mix peanut butter, pear, and cinnamon in it

  3. Vanilla Greek yogurt with berries, banana, and granola

  4. Bagels with cream cheese

  5. Roasted asparagus (random?)

  6. Anything sour (candy, lemonade, popsicles, etc.)

  7. Cheese

But like I said, I’ll pretty much eat anything. I am hungry almost all of the time.

Products Used

No new products for me, but we did stop at the Carter’s outlet store on our way home from up north over the weekend and picked up quite a few things! Since we won’t find out our baby’s gender for another two weeks, we have been sticking to gender-neutral clothes for the time being. So we got some plain white onesies (both short and long-sleeved), grey/cream patterned onesies, cream booties, little mittens so the baby doesn’t scratch its’ face up, and some holiday themed pajamas for Thanksgiving and Christmas! It was SO much fun to go shopping there with Chris. We laughed the whole time, saved a ton of money, and got even more excited to do our “real” shopping for our little guy.

Fitness Routine

No big change here. However, we are having gorgeous weather in Michigan right now and I am loving getting outside for some long walks and bike rides. It feels amazing to get fresh air after being cooped up all winter. Most of my classes at the gym (barre, spin, and yoga) are still feeling great, although I do modify quite a bit whenever something doesn’t feel quite right.


Chris and I were able to get away for the weekend to go up north and relax for a few days. It was wonderful to do next to nothing, and this was probably the first weekend where I actually felt like I looked pregnant when we would go out in public which was oddly exciting for me. Like I said, we stopped at an outlet mall on our way home to do a little shopping for us and a lot for the baby. Then when we got home we took advantage of the beautiful Michigan weather and got our bikes out of the garage to go for a ride to the grocery store!

I am so grateful that I have been able to stay so active during this pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong – I love laying on the couch and bingeing Grey’s Anatomy (I may or may not have watched all 14 seasons since January….), but it feels great to move and makes me so proud of the things my body can still do while growing a human.

These next few weeks are pretty quiet for us, but we do have an 18 week checkup and our 19 week ultrasound/anatomy scan coming up soon! It’s so funny that I like, base time around which week of pregnancy I am in and when our next doctor’s appointment is haha. I have never been so aware of dates/time as I am right now.

This is the second to last recap post that I wrote back-tracked, so starting next week these posts will actually be posted on the correct day and at a much slower frequency. I so appreciate you reading all these so rapid-fire though! 🙂

Have a great day!

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