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Pregnancy – Week 18 Update

Written on April 30, 2018

So after this one, we will finally be all caught up on these recaps! And then moving forward, there will just be one a week on the actual day and the baby post overload will slow down for the time being. 😉

Today our baby is the size of an artichoke – I don’t think I have actually ever seen a whole artichoke in person, so that doesn’t mean too much to me haha. From all the apps I have, it seems like I will start to feel our baby move any day now. My doctor said it may not happen until about 20 weeks, but to look out for it about this time. There were a few times over the last couple of days that I thought I could have potentially felt it, but I also could be totally wrong. So I’m going to wait until it’s so noticeable it’s unmistakable to say that I’ve actually felt it.

Progress Photos

Not much of a change since last week. My belly is definitely more noticeable as the day goes on, but it is also crazy to see it first thing in the morning before I even get out of bed. The rest of my stomach is totally flat and then there’s this one little part that sticks up and is hard as a rock. It’s so funny!


Feeling pretty good still! I have been more tired this week than I have been for a while though, but just like lay on the couch forever tired. Our cats definitely don’t mind that. I thought this was so sweet that one fell asleep with her little hand on my belly.

The one thing I am feeling a lot is some insecurity around my body changing. Overall I am totally fine with it and actually love it, but I just really dislike this in-between time where most people can’t really tell if I am pregnant or just gaining weight. I find myself wanting to tell strangers that I am pregnant just so they don’t think I have a belly! I know it’s silly, but it’s just taking some time getting used to.


There’s not much of a change in this category since last week. I am trying to get better about eating more meat, since I find myself hungry so much more often and think a lack of protein could be contributing to it. I also get full so fast now, so I feel like I am just snacking all day. And while I just want to snack on popcorn, cheese, and peanut m&m’s, I am trying my hardest to have healthier choices prepared so I’ll *maybe* reach for those first. But maybe not. 🙂

Something I cannot get enough of is Coconut La Croix mixed with lemonade from Costco. I have been unbelievably thirsty lately, and I think I could drink this all day long. I do wish I could have some Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé on the patio now that it’s finally nice out in Michigan though…..

Products Used

I actually bought this tank top from Target in two more colors. I am just loving how it fits during pregnancy. I am also loving my Bellaband and have used it with jeans quite a few times now. It is so cool that it allows me to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans just without zipping them up.

Chris and I also randomly stopped at H&M at the mall the other day where I found two super soft pairs of casual shorts for this summer and two pastel colored t-shirts. The shorts are pretty low-waisted so I think they should fit underneath my belly for quite a while, and the shirts are loose enough that I think they will stretch with me for the summer. I have really been trying to purchase clothing items that I will be able to wear post-pregnancy, too, or pieces that are so cheap that I don’t care if I stretch them out and never wear them again.

Fitness Routine

Still no change here! Like I said last week, it is a total game-changer for me now that the weather is nice here. I just feel so much better when I can have the windows open in our house all day and can get outside for a walk whenever I feel like I need it. I definitely get winded more quickly than I did before, so my walks are a little slower than normal these days. But I am still loving my classes at the gym, too. And the Tone It Up daily workouts are great for a little addition after my walks. One of the Tone It Up founders is pregnant, too, as well as one of their trainers, so they have both been posting some good modifications for some of their exercises for pregnancy that I really appreciate.


I finally got my hair done this week! At my doctor’s recommendation, I was holding off during the first trimester and was so excited to go change up my color and get a little cut last week. I am trying to get back to my natural color (with some enhancements….) from the blonde that I have been keeping up, and the girl who does my hair could not have done a better job. I am so happy with how it turned out and want to keep it looking like this as long as possible! At least until I change my mind again next time….

I have my 18-week checkup appointment on Friday, and I am really looking forward to it. I just love getting that confirmation that everything is going well in there. I still get really nervous leading up to appointments, but I am trying to just breathe and help myself remember that I am doing the best I can to provide a good little home for our baby. Then next week we find out the gender!! Just typing that puts the biggest smile on my face – I can’t wait. 🙂

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