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Pregnancy – Week 19 Update

Good morning!

I am so excited to be checking in today with my first pregnancy recap that I am actually writing and posting on the real day. I have written so many backtracked posts, and I love getting to finally do this in real time. Although I feel tedious doing this every week sometimes, I know that I am going to be so happy to be able to look back on these posts, and I really hope that they can help out other women navigating pregnancy for the first time, too!

Starting next week (since it’s the halfway point!), I am going to switch up the categories I have been writing about a little bit, just because not everything is super applicable anymore and there are a couple of other things I have been wanting to talk about instead.

Today our baby is the size of a mango. 🙂 Yesterday my app also told me it is as long as a string cheese which is fun….haha. I just love to see how our baby grows and grows every week – it’s pretty obvious when you look at my belly!

Progress Photos

I realllllly feel pregnant this week. Before I think my bump could have been disguised as eating too much pizza, but not anymore. I love it though! I have certainly been wearing my maternity tops and shorts more often and am going to be in the market for a new bra and more real clothes soon.


I am feeling great! Chris and I got to get away for the weekend (I’ll write more about that this week!), and we walked a ton, so that made me pretty tired more quickly than it usually would, but overall I am feeling so good. I have been getting some heartburn for the first time and have absolutely been having plenty of round ligament pain in my lower abdomen, but nothing that really bothers me.

I have for sure started to feel the baby move this week! At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but it has become clearer and clearer over the last days as I notice patterns to it. I feel it way more when I am laying down, propped up or sitting upright (like driving in a car or sitting at a restaurant). And it is absolutely the most prominent after I eat! I am excited for Chris to get to feel it, too. 🙂 We tried a few times to help him catch it, but no luck so far. The movements are so subtle that I even have a hard time distinguishing them sometimes, so it’s hard to imagine anyone outside my body could actually feel it.


Um, everything haha. My appetite has been outrageous.

Products Used

Chris’s friends sent us this fun pregnancy cookbook, and I came home from spin class the other day to a pretty drink he had made me out of the book! It was delicious and kind of made me feel like I was really drinking a cocktail? But not really. I want the largest glass of rosé imaginable right now. In all honesty, it’s a really cool little book and gives you some creative ideas of interesting drinks to make during pregnancy to help you feel just a little bit less left out. It was such a thoughtful gift!

I’m thinking that next week I will have a lot more to share in this category, since we find out the baby’s gender on Wednesday! I just know I am going to go nuts with buying cute boy or girl things…. I have been really holding off until now, but now I am ready to shop like crazy and get the nursery ready. 🙂

Fitness Routine

No change here since last week.


Due to some scheduling errors at my doctor’s office, my 18-week checkup appointment actually got moved around last week so I had to see a different doctor than I usually do. It made me miss my normal doctor, but I think it was also really good for me, because I do need to start seeing different people since there are seven different doctors in the practice that could deliver my baby (depending who is on call) and they recommend you see everyone at least once.

I had to wait back in the exam room for quite a while this time, which was not good for a worrier like me. No joke, I sat there and stared at the wall/prayed/counted the flowers on the one picture in the room over and over/talked to our baby for 30 minutes. As soon as the doctor got in the room and put the heartbeat monitor thing on my stomach and we heard the strong heartbeat right away, I let out the deepest sigh and felt infinitely better in about two seconds. She also said that she heard the baby move while she had the monitor there, although I don’t think I really felt it. Overall, it was a successful appointment, but what I am really looking forward to is our in-depth ultrasound on Wednesday!

Even though I am so super anxious to find out the gender, what I am really looking forward to is hopefully confirmation that our baby is healthy and growing at the rate he or she should be. It is so wild during pregnancy that you have not much of any idea what is going on inside your body and you only get to hear about it once a month. And that once a month is literally what I look forward to every day, all month long. I can’t wait to see pictures of our baby again – it just puts butterflies in my stomach when I think about it. 🙂

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