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Pregnancy – Week 20 Update

It is absolutely blowing my mind that I am already halfway through with this pregnancy. I honestly feel like it was just the other day that I saw the positive result on that stick in our bathroom. And now we know whether our baby is a boy or girl (!! – but we aren’t announcing it until my shower), we know that it is growing big and strong (and already 12 ounces!), and I am feeling it move around all the time. Time really does fly by.

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This week our baby is the size of a banana 🙂

Like I said last week, I am switching up the topics I focus on this week. I just feel like some of the previous categories just aren’t really applicable anymore, so here we go!

Progress Photos

Weight Gained

So when I went for my first prenatal appointment at six weeks pregnant, I was up about four pounds from what I remember being pre-pregnancy. I didn’t weigh myself often, so I am just using my first doctor’s visit weight as my “starting weight.” From that weight, I am now up about nine pounds.


This week I decided to stop taking the spin class I love so much. 🙁 My doctor didn’t tell me that I shouldn’t be doing it, but she let me know that since the class is so loud, that it could potentially harm the baby’s hearing and/or startle him or her in the womb. I’m not really a fan of risking either of those things, so I am just going to put it on hold until after the baby is born.

In addition to my other workouts (barre class, yoga, and strength training), I have been walking so much. I do have to go slower than usual to avoid round ligament pain in my lower abdomen, but it has felt like such a treat to get outside and wander around in the mornings. Sometimes Chris and I go for walks after dinner, too! I really do feel the best when I am outside walking. I could do it forever if I didn’t have to stop to pee every 30 minutes 😉

Symptoms/Body Changes

I have been feeling a lot of round ligament pain when I move around too much or too quickly. I am taking that as a sign from my body to slow down, which I do when it happens.

My belly button is almost completely flattened out, and I assume it is only a matter of time before it is popping out of my shirts! On that same topic, I am starting to notice that faint line on my belly that many pregnant women get. I actually think it’s really cool looking.

No stretch marks yet! I have been loving the Burt’s Bees Belly Butter and rub it on my boobs, belly, and hips daily.


When I am still, I feel our little buddy moving all over the place. We also got proof of that during the ultrasound last week since the tech couldn’t get it to stay still! It was also in the cutest little positions, with its’ hands up around its’ face and its’ little feet crossed at the ankles. It makes my heart so happy. 🙂


Thank goodness for the Snoogle – that is really all I have to say. I really think it is the gift I am going to get for all of my pregnant friends moving forward, since I really think it is the only reason I have been able to sleep at night. I was a pretty wild sleeper to begin with pre-pregnancy, so it is even worse now that I can’t sleep on my stomach or back. Poor Chris. I have also been getting up to go to the bathroom every night and sometimes have a hard time falling back asleep, but overall my sleep could be worse so I’m not complaining.


Especially after the in-depth anatomy ultrasound, I am so, so grateful for my health and our baby’s health, how big and strong he or she is growing, and just the general miraculous fact that there is a real human inside of me.

I am also very grateful for such a special first Mother’s Day. We did a little mini gender reveal for my dad, grandma, and sisters, but are waiting to share the gender with the rest of the world for another few months until my baby shower.

On the other hand, I am really missing wine, sleeping on my stomach, and going to hot yoga. You can bet that as soon as I am able, those are going to be three of the first things I do.

Baby Items/Nursery

Chris and I were browsing around Buy Buy Baby the other day and ended up purchasing three totally random items for our baby – an adorable outfit from Ellen Degeneres’ line to bring it home from the hospital in, another item from Ellen’s line for part of the nursery decor, and a cute little stuffed animal that Chris said we “had to have.” I can’t share the links to exactly what they all are yet, because they could give away what we are having. 🙂

We got our carpets cleaned and used it as an opportunity to reorganize our living room and bedroom to make them more baby-friendly. We also (with the help of my dad) cleared out the room that is going to be the nursery! We haven’t made any real progress on it yet, but now that we know the gender I am ready to get to work.

Looking Forward To

Buying our crib! My grandma and I are going shopping for it this week.

Getting the nursery put together. Once we have the crib, I feel like the rest of everything can start to fall into place.

Next On To Do List

  1. Finalize our registry – we are so close!

  2. Decide on and purchase crib

  3. Work through my plan of what will happen at work when I am gone

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