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Pregnancy – Week 21 Update

Good morning 🙂

I feel like these recaps are coming quicker and quicker. The weeks are absolutely flying by. That is partially exciting to me since I obviously can’t wait to meet our new little buddy, but it also makes me so sad because to be honest, I really love being pregnant so far. I love having our baby so close to me and so protected, and I am feeling great lately. He or she is already growing up so fast!

Today our baby is the size of an endive, although I honestly have no clue what that is.

Progress Photos

Weight Gained

About half a pound since last week.


I am still walking a ton. I am finding myself wanting to go to the gym less and less now that the weather is nice, but as long as I am moving and staying active that’s all I really care about anymore. I am still doing a bit of strength training here and there and taking barre and yoga classes weekly, but walking is definitely my main form of exercise right now. Plus – the fresh air just makes me feel so good, and I love having that time alone with the baby to just daydream.

Symptoms/Body Changes

Nothing has really changed here since last week.

I am definitely filling out my maternity jeans better than ever before, and my belly is more and more prominent by the day, but I absolutely love it. I am so proud of growing this baby.


Baby is moving a ton! Chris also got to feel it move a few times this week. I find that after I eat breakfast in the morning and when I am laying on the couch at night is when he or she is most active. It makes me smile so big when those little movements start, because they usually last for 15 minutes or so.


I have been sleeping like a rock this week. And for some reason I haven’t been having to get up and go to the bathroom so much?? I have been trying to stop drinking an hour or so before bed, so if that’s helping I will absolutely keep it up to get more solid sleep. However, I have been way more tired during the days than I have been lately. I am almost back to feeling exhausted like I did in the first trimester. Little naps help, but it never really goes away until I go to bed. I feel the best during the first half of the day, but once like 2pm hits, I lose most of my energy.


The main thing I am appreciative of this week is definitely the movement I am feeling on a daily basis from the baby. It happens just about every morning after I eat breakfast, and every evening once I’ve eaten dinner and am lying on the couch watching TV, and I just can’t get enough of it. It is like this tiny reassurance that he or she is doing just fine in there, and I love it so much.

I am also really appreciating the time I have. I have a very flexible work schedule that allows me the time I need to rest, read, and get my life in order for this new little one. I know not everyone has that kind of a situation, and I am so grateful for mine.

And it’s totally random, but I am missing the steam room at the gym! My allergies have been bothering me a lot lately, and I use to love to sit in the eucalyptus hot steam room to help clear out my sinuses and relax after a good workout, but that’s out of the picture until baby is here. Soon enough though! 🙂

Baby Items/Nursery

Later today my mom, grandma, and I are going shopping to hopefully buy the crib, chair, and dresser for our nursery. 🙂 I am so, so excited to start getting that room set up. I think it’s going to be my new favorite place in our house. Even though we plan on moving probably a year or so after the baby is born, I really want to set up a special place for him or her in the meantime.

Now that we know the gender my mom has been buying us outfits, and every time we get a new piece of clothing it makes me smile from ear to ear. Chris and I have really been trying to hold off on buying many items ourselves, since we are already getting a ton of clothing as gifts, and we also have no clue how big our little boy or girl will be! We definitely want to have the essentials, but don’t want to go overboard and have way too much that they might never wear.

Looking Forward To

A long Memorial Day weekend and hopefully starting to set up some of the nursery! I also told Chris that our house needs a really good deep clean before the baby is born. Does it show what a total neat freak I am that the thought of doing that excites me to no end? It is basically supposed to rain all weekend here, so that would be the perfect time to get started on it.

I am also looking forward to going to the library soon and browsing parenting books to get an idea of what I might want to buy. There is so much out there, and I definitely would love a refresher on caring for a newborn, so going to the library first will allow me to flip through a few books without committing to ordering things I might not end up liking.

Next On To Do List

  1. Buy the major items for our nursery

  2. Actually read through the pregnancy book I bought forever ago (The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy), but thought too much of it wasn’t applicable yet and I still haven’t gone through it

  3. Take some time this week to relax, read, write, and just be with our sweet baby

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