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Pregnancy – Week 23 Update

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had a really good mix of time to relax and time spent out doing some fun things – a date night on Friday where we saw Adrift (so good!) and got pizza/ice cream, mini golf on Saturday afternoon, and a get together with all my siblings at my parents’ house on Sunday. The weather in Michigan could not possibly be more beautiful right now, so I am soaking it up as much as I can before it starts to get too hot again for me and the baby. 😉

Speaking of…today I am 23 weeks pregnant (wild!) and our baby is the size of a grapefruit. Except I don’t know how that is, because I have never had a foot long grapefruit that weighs a pound?

Progress Photos

I don’t really feel like my belly has been growing too much over the last few weeks. It seems like it really popped around 19 weeks and has stayed around the same size since. It also looks more square to me than round if that makes sense at all?

Weight Gained

Around 12 total pounds.


No real changes here – walking, yoga, barre, and light strength training are still my main forms of exercise. This week I did start to feel like the yoga class I take (and LOVE) weekly might be getting to be too much for me. 🙁 Maybe it was just because it was so hot outside, but the room was SO hot, so I spent most of the class just doing some stretching and making my own variations of the flows the instructor took us through.

Symptoms/Body Changes

I had a little bit more energy than I did last week, which was very welcomed. Other than that, not too much has been changing in this area. Overall I feel really good right now and am trying to make the most of it while I can.


All the time. Our little buddy is super active and really likes to make his or her presence known when I am sitting still and have just had something to eat. I love that other people can feel the kicks now too, and like I said before, it is just the best feeling in the world to me right now.


Sleep is great right now!


I am still so appreciative of a wonderful prenatal appointment I had last Thursday. Like I mentioned before, I decided to work with a midwife for my pregnancy, and the practice I go to has four so I am doing my best to get to know all of them before my delivery so I will actually know whoever is on call that day or night. She took so much time with me to go over all of my questions and concerns and reassured me that my ultrasound at week 19 looked “absolutely perfect.” That was such a relief to hear! We also got to listen to the baby’s strong little heartbeat, and she measured my belly which is right on track, but just a little small. I always look forward to those appointments and count down the days until my next one, which in this case will be a longer one at the end of June where I do my glucose tolerance test, too.

Honestly, I’m not really missing anything this week. I am so happy with how my pregnancy is going, things at home and with Chris are great, and I am just feeling really grateful for everything right now.

Baby Items/Nursery

We didn’t make any new purchases this week, but we did receive a few gifts from sweet friends. I think the nursery progress is kind of put on hold until our dresser/changing table and rocking chair come in at the store we ordered them from.

Looking Forward To

There isn’t really anything specific I am looking forward to this week. As cheesy as it sounds, I am just looking forward to our baby continuing to grow and get stronger every single day.

Next On To-Do List

  1. Sign up for some classes and schedule a hospital tour

  2. Get my breast pump ordered through our insurance company

  3. Actually talk about potential names with Chris – we totally dropped the ball on this one last week and didn’t even bring it up once!

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