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Pregnancy – Week 24 Update


I am six months pregnant today (like, how?) and our baby is the size of a cantaloupe (my other app – Ovia – says an eggplant, which makes a lot more sense to me than a cantaloupe though). 🙂

Progress Photos

Weight Gained

Didn’t weigh myself. I find myself getting too obsessive with this sometimes, and as long as my doctor is happy with it and I am feeling good, that’s all I am trying to care about.


My workouts are still the same. Like I have said since the beginning, I feel the best when I am active – even when I am exhausted. I am walking about 30 minutes every morning (and sometimes again at night with Chris) and then doing a yoga class, a barre class, and 2-3 other random strength training sessions every week.

Symptoms/Body Changes

I have been getting some random back pain this week, especially when I am really active or when I sit still for too long. Changing positions usually helps, but sometimes it feels like all I want to do is crack my back really good, but I sadly can’t.

I have also been getting really sore feet. This may have to do with how much I have been walking and how warm it has been here, but who knows. It’s not bad enough to actually affect anything, but I do notice it.

My exhaustion is also coming back big time. I basically check out after 4pm and almost never make plans at night anymore. I have also been feeling sick again in the mornings if I don’t eat right away. At least it’s a good catalyst to get out of bed!


We certainly have an active baby, but only when I am still haha. When I am moving all around during the day I rarely feel any movement, but the second I sit down and relax our baby is doing flips in there. I also find that he or she moves a lot when I talk to it! That makes me smile like a fool every single time.


My sleep is okay. Thank goodness for the Snoogle pillow, but the bigger my belly gets, the harder it gets to move around in the night. I am doing pretty well with not sleeping on my back, but I do like to switch from my right to left side in the night which is starting to be quite the activity. I think I elbow poor Chris in the head like, ten times a night. Getting up to go to the bathroom and then getting back in bed is also proving to be quite difficult. And I know this is only going to get worse over the next 16 weeks….


I am really appreciating the daily movements I feel from our little bud. I am by nature a big worrier, and it so helps to put my mind at ease whenever I feel that going on in my stomach. I am not terrified to go to prenatal appointments anymore like I was in the beginning, which is also wonderful to get to actually enjoy them.

I miss wine. Big time.

Baby Items/Nursery

Nothing changed since last week. However, we did do a really good deep clean of our entire house which makes me feel amazing. It has been on my to-do list for a while, and it made me feel so much more prepared for our baby to get here. Don’t get me wrong – I still have a big Excel document to-do list to get through, but this was a big thing to check off!

Looking Forward To

Father’s Day this weekend! Even though Chris isn’t technically a father yet, I still think it’s something to celebrate. 🙂

Next On To-Do List

  1. Schedule the classes and hospital tour that I never got around to last week

  2. Order some new maternity clothes – I am starting to get sick of wearing the same things over and over again

  3. Clean out/re-organize all drawers, cabinets, and closets in our house to make room for all the baby stuff we are acquiring

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