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Pregnancy – Week 26 Update

This week our little bud is the size of a bunch of kale (which is huge), and I definitely feel like it, too. When we were at the grocery store over the weekend I picked up a head of cauliflower to put in our cart (what our baby was the size of last week), and it was so wild to me that something that size is currently inside my body. And now he or she is even bigger!

Progress Photos

Weight Gained

Still not sure, but I’ll find out at my next prenatal appointment later this week.


Exactly the same as last week.

Symptoms/Body Changes

I am getting tired way more easily. I have to pee approximately every 20 minutes. My leg cramps are almost nightly now (ugh). They feel like growing pains you had when you were a teenager, and they suck a lot. But other than those few things which really aren’t that bad at all, I feel great.

However, I really feel pregnant now. I find my belly getting in the way more often, and I am totally unaware of my body positioning haha. I run into things all the time. I went strawberry picking with my sister last week and had a pretty rough time bending down over and over to get strawberries off the ground. I thought it would be no big deal, but it was so much harder than it would have been for me if I wasn’t pregnant. To be honest though, I love it. I love having this little baby so close to me all day long and would take these “symptoms” any day in exchange for that.


Our baby is still moving all around in there randomly throughout the day. I would say that now I feel kicks/just general movements pretty equally. There are still usually the most when I am still, but there were quite a few times this week that I felt it while I was being pretty active. I took a yoga class on Thursday night and truly felt movement almost the entire hour-long class. That really throws you off when you are trying to balance on one leg and you feel like something is trying to get out of your stomach haha.


I have been sleeping like a rock lately. When I wake up in the night and have to go to the bathroom I try my hardest to just go back to sleep – it works probably 50% of the time. Otherwise I get up and am awake for a few minutes, but I typically go back to sleep fairly easily. In an ideal world, I would really like to get back to napping daily though, too. 😉


Oh boy, I am so, so, so appreciative of Jenny McCarthy’s book Belly Laughs this week. A couple people had recommended it to me when I first got pregnant but didn’t really want to buy it, so I found it for a few dollars at the used book store over the week and read it in two evenings before bed. It had me laughing so hard that I was sobbing and it made my stomach hurt. Chris thought I was losing my mind. This book is absolutely hysterical, so true, and I would highly recommend it to any pregnant woman out there!

I had a really hard time coming up with something that I am missing this week, but if I had to pick something I would say that I miss wine (obviously) and just being able to go to new places with Chris and try whatever we want to eat/drink. That used to be one of our favorite activities to do together (and I’m sure it will become one again once I’m not pregnant!), but it’s tough when I can’t have alcohol and when there are pregnancy dietary restrictions that I don’t want to always be obnoxious about at a restaurant.

Baby Items/Nursery

I haven’t really purchased any specific baby items this week, but I did get another shipment from The Honest Company that helped me to stock up on baby laundry detergent, soap, lotion, and all the other little items that he or she will need to stay clean and safe in a few months. I am so anxious for our dresser/changing table to come in so I can start washing clothes and putting them in their drawers! I am so ready to get our nursery all set up, and it is tough to be patient until after our shower when we have a lot more stuff/can go buy more on our own.

Looking Forward To

Chris and I are getting away to a small town near us this upcoming weekend, and I can’t wait. 🙂 It is technically my late Mother’s Day present, but it’s somewhere we have been talking about wanting to go for a while now. It will be so refreshing to just get away for a couple of days and not think about lists or tasks or anything real-life related.

Next On To-Do List

  1. Take it easy this week. I feel like I have really been pushing myself to get a ton done lately and while that is good and fine, I need a break. I have also been making so many plans with friends and haven’t really left any time for myself, so my goal this week is to just take things nice and slow and give myself permission to relax as much as possible. This pregnancy is already flying by, and I want to remember as much of it as I can.

  2. Find some new healthy (ish) recipes to make. It feels like I have been making the same things over and over, and I want to eat well while giving into some of these pregnancy cravings at the same time while I still can!

  3. Continue to slowly work my way through the Excel document I have of “real” things to do before the baby gets here.

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